Lemon Detox Express 60 Tabs

Lemon Detox Express 60 Tabs

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PNH Lemon Detox Express is formulated to naturally aid the detoxification of the liver.

This powerful liver tonic can assist in the maintenance of a healthy digestive function. Lemon Detox Express is rich in free radical fighting antioxidants that protect the liver and body from cell damage.

Maintenance of healthy liver and gall bladder function
Supporting detoxification of the liver
Peripheral circulation support
May aid in reduction of cell damage from free radicals
Overall maintenance of general wellbeing

The Lemon Detox Express is as simple as taking 2 tablets per day. Many people choose to use the Lemon Detox Express after concluding the Lemon Detox programme to sustain the positive effects of the detox. To get best results it is suggested that you drink lemon and water throughout the day.