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General Health and Wellbeing

I first decided to try the Lemon Detox Diet after feeling generally unwell and tired all the time and not having the right diet to support my lifestyle. I made the decision to do the Lemon Detox Diet after reviewing all the good (and the bad) press about the diet.

When I went on the diet, I found it easy and simple. The Lemon Drink is pleasant and gave me everything I needed to go through the day. I didn’t ever feel hungry and had so much energy it was amazing. It was a bit strange not eating, but interestingly enough, I had no cravings for food at all

After my 10 days I was amazed to find that I had lost 6kg! I went from 82kg to 76kg and back to what is considered a healthy weight range for my height (5’8”) and age (41). I had complements and comments from everyone that I came in contact with about how different I looked and how noticeable the change was.

That was (and continues to be) very satisfying to hear from people. The best feeling was being able to keep it off and I am now 5 weeks post diet as I write this and still have kept off the weight. I used this diet to kick start my life again and start feeling good about myself. My diet has changed completely, and I now do regular exercise, and eat a very healthy diet. It is interesting that cravings that I had in the past for junk food don’t even register in my brain anymore.

I just don’t want it! My life has changed so much for the better all because of the Lemon Detox Diet which I feel is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel like I can talk for ages about all the positive influences and results I have had in my life.

Some of these include:
• 6kg weight loss
• Increased energy
• Increased stamina
• Increased concentration
• I can drink full cream milk for the first time in 20 years!!
• Flatulence issues gone
• Body odour (underarms) gone (not that I had a problem, but I was always aware of it)
• Tongue colour changed to pink (was always discoloured)
• Eyes appear clearer all the time (were always hazy)
• Aching feet and ankles (I stand most of the day at work) don’t bother me and my circulation is better
• Breath is fresher
• Body responds better to exercise
• I crave fruit and vegetables (Although I never ate many vegetables before the diet)
• I have no desire for junk food
• I eat smaller meals now and eat more often – diet has improved dramatically which I couldn’t do on my own before
• My self confidence has increased
• My clothes fit really well (not to mention my newer, smaller waisted jeans!)
• I feel better about myself and my life

All in all I can’t support this product enough. I am really looking forward to my next detox later this year and plan to make it a regular part of my life. Thank you so much for making a difference to my life. I would be happy for you to share my story with your prospective clientele.
Greg Mack, Eatons Hill, QLD
My name is Frank Lucks, last year in January I weighed 116Kg and was morbidly unhappy with my appearance, health and fitness. I chose to go on the Lemon Detox Diet program after hearing it was great to detox your system and one of the positive side effects was notable weight loss. I lost just over 10Kg in the week during the diet program and this was just the motivator I needed to put me on track to start exercising and controlling my food intake.

During the Lemon Detox Diet program my stomach shrank considerably which allowed me to feel full after only eating a fraction of the normal amount I used to eat, realizing the opportunity that now lay before me and not wishing to let that fantastic weight loss go to waste. I started my journey to weight loss and fitness through food portion control and exercise. I am now 86Kg, exercise every morning for an hour and run 8km on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Not because I have to, but because I can and I love it!

I have had a total weight loss of 30Kg, no strict diet, I eat what I want (just in small quantities) and have a renewed lease on life. If it wasnt for trying the Lemon Detox Diet program I would still be hugely overweight and still looking for the magic weight loss pill, living an unhappy existence. My wife thinks I look great. I see people who have not seen me for a year or so and I get fantastic reactions of amazement and comments like you should have been on the Biggest Loser and Wow! You look great and so much younger that is of course from the ones who recognize me.

Ive watched many adverts on TV with people doing testimonials and saying thanks youve given me a new life etc etc and always thought they sounded corny and fake, however I feel comfortable and genuine when I say thanks Lemon Detox, life is now what it was thirteen years ago
Frank Lucks, Adelaide, Australia
The Lemon Detox diet has been great for me. I use it when I need to use a few kilos and on it I feel great.

I still go to the gym and I find I have the same energy levels. It makes me feel refreshed and really cleansed, and there is no feelings of hunger.

I have recommended it to all my friends.

I strongly suggest everyone tries it.
Sharon Akkanen, Peakhurst, NSW
The Lemon Detox Diet program succeeded for me where all other programs have failed. The ability to eliminate hunger pangs and keep energy levels up provided me with a successful formula to achieve overall well being and weight loss. Thank You Lemon Detox Diet!
Kay Philips, Sydney Australia
I am about to order my third package of Lemon Detox Diet.

I needed a kick start to a better eating program, Lemon Detox did this for me. After 10 days on Lemon Detox I felt relieved and I did not feel hungry at all.

Lemon Detox gives me increased sense of wellbeing and will power to resist certain foods.

Every couple of months I allow myself a weekend on Lemon Detox to drop a few quick kilos and kick start my enthusiasm for better lifestyle again.

I always come off the detox feeling lighter and rejuvenated. I love Lemon Detox and its benefits my lifestyle. It’s amazing what a difference 5 kilos can make to how you look and feel.
Andrea Markham, Victoria
What can I say, I LOVED IT! I have recommended the Lemon Detox Diet program to everyone I know and at least 8 people who have done the Lemon Detox Diet program since I have (which was in March 2007), all of them noticed how well it worked with me so gave it a shot themselves.
The first 4 days I lost 3 kilos and felt like a million dollars. Had a break over the weekend and got right back into it the following Monday for a further 4 days, in which I lost a further 3 kilos. My exercise regime kicked in, felt more energetic and of course a lot lighter! My skin looked like clear, clean glass whilst on the detox program, it was amazing. I now attempt to do the Lemon Detox program every month and a half for a couple of days.I would like to thank Pure Natural Health for the Lemon Detox program, it's the only thing that has given me any motivation to lose weight, exercise and be conscious of what I eat.
Stefania Marotta, NSW
I used the Lemon Detox program not really thinking that it would do much at all. Well, I have to admit the results were fantastic. I felt more energetic, felt incredible, gave my body a much needed break. I also lost about 5 kilos which was an additional bonus.
Would I recommend it for use? Most definitely. I have already had at least 10 of my friends give it a go and they have all thought it was fantastic.
I guarantee it will now be a regular thing for me.
Matt Clark, Sydney NSW
I just finished 7 days on detox program, lost 4.3kg and feel so good its unexplainable.After the first few days of being overwhelmed that I wasn't eating solid food, each day became easier. I relaxed and a calming came over me.
'Dont give up, keep going'! When I felt I was hungry or needed energy I would just pour half a glass at times and that would instantly boost me along. Its the best thing I have ever done for my body. I had read a lady from NZ had started cleaning out cupboards and gardening ect..well so did I!! haha I also gained a lot of energy, and confidence..so so many benefits from just a week on Lemon detox program! Its amazing it really is. THANKYOU.
Kathryn Johnson, Southern River, WA
I noticed a significant difference on the 3rd day of using the detox. The 3rd day was also the hardest day to get through, after that, my 7 day detox program was a breeze. Jumping out of bed was very easy while on the detox program, sleeping was great and I felt much lighter each morning. My skin is glowing and pores are smaller. Going to the gym/sauna while on the detox also helps! Lost 6 kgs while on the Lemon Detox Diet program and continued to lose the weight post detox.
Definitely plan to do the lemon detox on a regular basis. Three weeks have past since the detox program and still feeling great(and eating less). I have no doubt everyone will produce good results if they stick to detox plan - highly recommended. Thanks for bringing the detox to Australia! It's great to know that many Australians will be enjoying the wonders of this detox.
Michael Lim, Sydney Australia,
Hi just letting you know how I went!
I bought the 7 day package as I wanted to have a little detox and try lose some extra weight (Only want to lose 10kilos).
I started it on Saturday (15.11.08) and I have weight myself every morning. On Day 1 I lost 2kg/Day 2-1kg/Day 3-0.5kg/Day 4-0.5kg and day 5 1kg. So very happy with losing 5 kilos in the 5 days!! But I have stopped at day 5 because I was really hungry and needed some food. So I will eat sensible with salads and vegies for a few days and finish the last 2 days next week.
But very happy with what has happened to my body losing the 5 kilos which is a great kick start to eating properly again and keeping it off and another bonus, my skin is glowing.
Will definitly order another lot! Thumbs Up!
Emma, Dubbo, NSW
I first did the Lemon Detox Diet program before Christmas 2007 to refresh my body and mind of a stressful year of work before my 5 weeks of holidays. I wanted to feel rejuvenated, build up my energy levels and lose a little weight before a summer holiday on the beach! I admit, I was scared before I started, not knowing how my body would react to no food for seven days and whether I would become bored with the taste of the Lemon Detox Diet. To my surprise, I did not crave for food, I did not get sick of the taste but rather craved it and I started to feel so good after five days that I decided to extend the Lemon Detox Diet program to a 10 day event instead of 7 days. I felt so energized, clean, clear-minded and lighter after the 10 days that I decided to make this a 4 times a year program for myself as a reset button! I lost 5 kgs but more importantly, I felt great both inside and outside. I recommend this cleansing to anyone who wants to gain an instant energy boost and increase levels of motivation.
Kirsti, Queensland
I did a 6 day detox and felt really good. It has improved my well being. I really felt refreshed and energised after the programme.
It gave me the escape I was looking for and now I use it once every couple of months to keep the weight off and feeling good.
Jessica Smith, Sydney, Australia
Hi I have tried several diets, exercise and training and did not seem to get what I needed and was always tired after training, with the lemon detox program i feel great and lost 7kg in 10 days, I now use it on a regular basis to detox
Bob, NSW
I am a first time user of the Lemon Detox Diet program. While I found it difficult not eating to begin with, I felt rewarded in the end. Although I am not over weight I just felt I needed to lose those few extra kgs that even exercise couldn't get rid of to feel more self-confident. In the first week I lost 3kgs, which I was surprised at how quickly I lost it, it is one of the best and quickest ways I have found to lose weight, while getting a complete body cleanse at the same time.
I found the drink refreshing and easy to drink, and during the detox program I still felt quiet energised. The detox program is simple to prepare which I will continue to use regularly to ensure I remain at my optimum weight. Recently my mum has started the Lemon Detox Diet program, and I would not hesitate to recommend this to absolutely anyone.
Wendy, Melbourne, Victoria
I was on the lemon detox diet (cleansing diet) for a week and have lost considerable weight. I am absolutely happy about it. This is the very first diet that has worked for real and is very effective. The best thing about it, you dont feel hungry because of the drink. Every time you feel hungry just have another detox drink.
It is very easy to keep it off. I got my sisters and their husbands and some friends on the program and they are all very happy about it because they can actually see results for the first time in using this lemon detox program.
It is very achievable so dont stress out about not eating solid foods. If you are serious about detoxing, I highly recommend the lemon detox program to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel great.
Tia Tamapus, Sydney Australia
I was feeling very flat and thought I would give the Lemon Detox Diet program a go, I never thought I would get through it. But after the 3rd day I was feeling great, I wasnt hungry and the taste was great. My skin looked better and although I did not weigh myself all my clothes fitted better. Ill be recommending it to all my friends. Thanks Lemon Detox.
Janelle, Melbourne, Victoria
I have to be honest and admit the main reason I decided to try the Lemon Detox Diet program was to lose a few kilos. I felt like I was in a rut with so many different diet theories going around and not knowing what to do. I also knew I hadnt been extremely healthy over the last few months and had consumed more alcohol and refined foods than I normally would. I did the Lemon Detox Diet program for 6 days and felt so fresh and revived by the end. I also felt lacking in energy on days 2-4 but nothing I couldnt handle. I even did light gym workouts most days. I didnt feel hungry during the 6 days and got used to the taste of the drink quite quickly. Strangely enough I didnt even feel like my morning coffee because I had a big drink of the mixture before I left for work. I started at 61kg and by day 6 was down to 57kg. I was wrapped! Ill try and do it longer than 6 days next time around.
Rebecca Fenwick, Sydney
I first heard about the product on the radio, which obviously caught my attention for I am trying to lose weight to no avail. I am on my late 40's and tried all sort of diet program which is either strict or have to watch what or when to eat. My eating habit is not bad though can go overboard on some occasions. So I logged into website read all the info I needed to convince myself and come down to the conclusion to purchased the product and give it a go, sceptic at first of what it might taste, or will it work for me? It sits on the bench for a week. I am 5 feet tall weighing 62 1/2 kgs and as flabby as I can be and just get heavier. My target weight is 52 kgs which is achievable on lemon detox diet program easy, knowing how well the product works.
Finallly, I made the drink, oh boy could not believe how I loved the taste, is so yummy, no cravings so easy to follow and I take it anywhere I go, and on my first five days I lost 3 kgs to my surprise then at the end of 10 days a total of 6 1/2 kgs. It is so unbelievable my skin and my eyes were glowing, I have more energy, sleep better, and at work everyone commenting how great I looked I told everyone about it and showed them the brochure so they can try it for themselves.
I highly recommend the product and will be part of my healthy lifestyle from now on, no two ways about it.
A heartfelt thank you to the management.
Maria Breis, Brisbane
I first heard about the lemon detox diet program on the radio. I heard that many people had tried it and also knew that Beyonce Knowles had tried it and lost some weight. My main goal was to lose some extra fat that had accumulated from the holiday season and also mainly become much more happy with myself.
I tried the program for a week and was amazed at the results. I could sleep better without nightmares or dreams, wake up earlier and still feel very fresh and energetic and also shed excess fat around from all over my body.
The main things that I found interesting was that I was even more energetic compared to when i was eating food. I would not fatigue easy and also had extra energy to carry out day to day activities. My complextion was better and I didn't have that dry taste in my mouth in the morning after sleeping. I felt very energetic and also could concentrate on my studies a lot easier. I felt that I was more focused and didn't need so many breaks from study as I was less fatigued.
I lost 3 kilo's off my weight and now weigh 73kg and have kept this weight for 2 months after the program.
I feel that I also eat less now as my stomach feels less hungry which means my meal sizes have decreased which has been good. I would recommend the program to everyone and 3 of my friends have tried it with success.
It is definitely something everyone should try as it only benefits your body and makes you feel better.
Jason, Golden Kingdom Chinese Restaurant
147 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW.
I heard about the lemon detox program via the radio and after I checked it out on the website and read the testimonials on the website I knew I had to give it a go. At the time I was always tired and my skin wasnt the best, even though I am not overweight I felt bloated. On day 2 I had a slight head ache but pushed through, and I am glad I did. I didnt think about eating at all when I was on the lemon detox program. The drink kept me satisfied throughout the day. Even when I exercised I still had enough energy I couldnt believe it, but what made it better is when I drink the drink & play sport I dont feel any aches, pains or stiffness the next day.
I did the 7 day plan and lost 3kg. I thought I would only make it a few days however after I got past the first 2 days I had so much energy, and loved the taste of the drink. When I finished the detox program I missed the drink so much I couldt wait to do my next detox. I have recommended the detox program to at least 15 people who have all had awesome results from feeling better, more energy, weight loss, also it was all the spare time I had on my hands which normally I would be shopping and preparing foods. I found that I could do other things, it is a fantastic product and so easy.I cant say enough about how excited I am about this product.
Anyone out there like me, reading these for the first time give it a go trust me.
Shelley Jansen, Perth, Western Australia
I have just finished my 10 days detox. I am feeling great and have lost 6 kilos . It really was not that hard. After the extremely busy pre Xmas and New Year I really needed to detox.
I have to mention the service delivery of the product was second to none. Within 1 to 2 days I received the products and because I wanted to extended the program to the maximum 10 days I needed more of the tree syrup to continue the delivery was fast.
I was only going to do the program for 5 days but felt so good and it had been easy I continued for the 10 days.
I will be definitely be doing this every 6 months. People here at work have seen the difference and I know of 2 people that have ordered the program.
I would suggest to anyone who is thinking of doing it to start it on a Saturday to have that day and Sunday at home. Once you get through the first 2-3 days it is really easy to keep up.
I have never done a detox before and I found it easy and simple. I was never hungry and the results of my skin, weight loss, and feeling well is amazing.
I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a simple and easy way to detox. Thanks again.
Michael Connell, NSW
I heard about the Lemon Detox program on the radio and then looked on line to learn a little more about the product. I liked what I had read and then decided to purchase the Lemon Detox Diet program.
I am a firm believer than when you decide to do something and you are in the right head space then you can achieve it. I was in a very positive space when I took part in the detox program and therefore it was very easy to do. The drink itself was pleasant tasting and I definitely did not at any stage feel hungry. I made up the drink in two litre bottles and drank it constantly during the day. I feel like that suited my needs better than having a glass every hour or so. I came to really enjoy the taste and also continued to drink plain water along with it. I was certainly very well hydrated for the 6 days that I was on the detox program. I felt fantastic, my skin looked amazing and I was constantly told how great I looked. I guess you don't look at yourself all day long but I certainly noticed that other people had noticed how I looked. A couple of my friends thought I must have been on a health retreat! I found it empowering that I could restrain myself from eating and yet continue to feel sustained. I understood also that it is healthy to give your body a rest from constantly having to process food. I felt less bloated and although I continued to exercise every day for 1 1/2 hours I didn't notice a lack in energy or enthusiasm. I have since taken part in the detox along with my partner and we did it together. We both did it mainly for the benefit of cleansing our systems but along the way we also lost approximately 3 - 4 kg.
I will continue to detox with the Lemon Detox Diet program as I have found the product excellent. Regards
Jodie Slaughter, South Australia
I decided to do the lemon detox diet program after hearing so much about it from friends. Now as a passionate lover of food and the act of eating I was not too keen on going without food for a week. But I can honestly say without a doubt this diet made it really easy for me. Not once was I ever hungry during the 7 days that I was on it. The first few days I felt a bit tired and lethargic but that was more due to the fact that the lemon detox was working in getting rid of all the toxins in my system. After about day 3 I felt great and with a new sense of energy and vitality that I hadnt felt in quite some time. I had a lot of my family and friends comment at how much better I looked and that I actually looked refreshed. I was really impressed as the lemon detox diet program did what it said it would do and that is cleansing my system of the toxins. Not only did I feel better but one of the added benefits was that I lost weight as many friends commented on how much slimmer I looked. I was so happy with the product that I ordered 2 more tins and am now going to begin the 14 day program to make up for all the Xmas and new year over indulgence. If youre looking to detox without the stress and headache of taking multiple supplements and lose weight as an added benefit then you cant go past lemon detox diet program I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Zoran Taleski, Beaumont Hills NSW
Being on medications for so long due to injuries the lemon detox gave me a new energy and felt more alive than I have in so long I thank you
KP, Cardigan Village, Victoria
I was heading off to Thailand after a particularly long winter, so I needed to get that extra layer off. I went on the Lemon Detox Diet program after a recommendation from a colleague (thanks Kate!). For a guy who can eat pretty big meals, I was surprised how easy it was to go from that to solely a liquid diet. I rarely felt hungry at all. I started to feel a bit of energy loss on about Day 2, but then the next day it was like I'd been eating normally; energy levels right back up! I did 9 days first up, and lost 7kg. Because of work commitments, I found that I had to break the diet program, and so ate normally (but as healthily as possible without going vego or anything!) for around a week. I was surprised that I was able to maintain my weight at the level post-LDD. Back on to LDD for another week and I lost a further 4kg! I've gone from 113kg down to102kg (I'm 6'3") in under 4 weeks, and that's with little exercise. That's awesome! I wouldn't have tried this stuff without a trusted source recommending it to me, but it really does work. Think about it, little to no calories going in, and continuing with normal day-to-day life, you are GUARANTEED to get results. The rest is up to you.
Well I am happy to say I have completed the lemon detox diet program after 5 days. This is the 3rd time I tried the program and managed to work through it. Unlike other people who have left their testimonials I didn't find the diet as easy as I had hoped but I am happy I completed the 5 days. I have not weighed myself yet but I can tell I have lost about 4kgs over the last 5 days (I could have lost even 5kg). I was not overweight to begin, however I knew I need to detox when I went from 45kg to 50kg over a period of about 4months and I was not happy with the way I was feeling in myself. I feel like I have more energy now and I can see that my skin is just glowing. The test I gave myself when I concluded the program was to see if I could get back into my favourite jeans that I wore all summer this year before I started to notice the weight gain. This morning and woke up and was able to put them on without a problem, and that feels fantastic.
I wanted to write the feedback as I know there will be some people out there that found the diet hard and I think that hearing my story will help these people through the diet. I do have one last thing to say to everyone who is finding it hard. Don't try and start as soon as you receive the detox at your door. This is the mistake I was making. Wait to you are prepared. Set yourself a date that you want to start and finish and go off that. Also have a big meal the night before you start so that you are not as hungry the morning you are starting.
Even though I found the detox harder to get through than others I have decided to do the detox at least twice a year.
I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who answered my questions at the company and also a big thank you to my family and friends who supported me during the week. I know I would not have made it through without their help.
Now that I feel more confident in myself and the way I look I will be back at the gym Monday afternoon working out to ensure that the extra weight does not return before I do the detox in another 4-6 months.
Good luck to everyone.
Kerryn Thompson,
I had heard about the lemon detox programa few times on the radio and was very curious. I then went on to the website and read all about it. Dying to try it I asked a good friend if she would like to give it a go, and thankfully she said yes, so we put aside time and off we went!!
I cannot believe how well it went. I felt fantastic. It wasnt easy, but it also wasnt difficult. I feel that you need to be mentally prepared but once you are you just want to keep on going and going!! The last one I did was my best I felt better than ever and am actually looking forward to the next and reaping the rewards that the Lemon Detox Diet program gives you and more!!
Victoria Lane, Western Australia