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Improved Lifestyle

My name is Kate Winton and I am a model from South Australia.
Not being an overweight individual it was hard for me to lean out without bulking up! I had heard of the Lemon Detox Diet before but had never really thought about it so my girlfriend and I decided to give it a try.

By the third day I was springing out of bed before my alarm with a whole new lease on life. I even shed a couple of excess kilos that no other diet had been able to get rid of - and trust me i tried them all, soup diets, low carb, high protein etc!

After only five days on the program I lost 3kgs, my skin was glowing, I felt so good I didn’t want to start eating again! Words cannot describe what the cleansing from the lemon detox diet does to your system physically and mentally. I look & feel great with 100% more confidence in myself thanks to the lemon detox. I will definitely repeat this program.
Kate Winton, South Australia
My name is Anthony, I'm 24 years old, I'm from Sydney and I work as a full-time office employee.

The Lemon Detox Diet was a fast, efficient and convenient way for me to lose those extra kilos and feel great without draining all my energy.

It was simple and easy to use, therefore it fit in well with my busy lifestyle. I lost 5kg and I felt the immediate difference in my energy levels.

I felt cleansed, refreshed and renewed. By the end of the 7 day program I had lost a grand total of 9kg.

I would recommend this to all of my friends and family members!
Anthony Kim, Sydney
Just like to tell you about the results I have had.
I have done the Lemon Detox program twice now in a space of 4 months and found it very beneficial both times.
The second time I was more prepared and actually found it very easy once day 2 had passed and continued the diet for 10 days. I have been through a recent marriage break up and got down in the dumps feeling sorry for myself & drinking alcohol most nights.
I undertook the diet hoping it would help me get my life back on track & it did. After the first few days of feeling pretty awful I then began to get this surge of energy.
My thinking was much clearer and I was a lot more positive. And another bonus it helped me lose weight. I had been exercising regularly but could not lose the weight I wanted but after the diet I lost 4-5 kgs and was the slimmest I had been for 17 years!
It's just so good for your body to give it a rest from all day to day food & drink and to build new eating habits.
Thanks & I will continue to recommend this great easy to use detox.
Wayne Maddren, Victoria
After returning from holiday in Thailand, admittedly a few kilos heavier and feeling the after effects of 3 weeks of eating (and drinking!) maybe a little too much, I knew it was time to get back into shape for 2010 but just couldn’t seem to break out of the routine I had gotten myself stuck into.

Then I saw an advert for the Lemon Detox Diet and was drawn in by the idea of losing that first several kilos to kick start my weight loss and add the inspiration I needed to control my appetite and keep my weight down.

After just a few days of using the Lemon Detox Diet I could see, simply by looking in the mirror, that I looked more trim and I most definitely felt like I had more energy. I am pleased to say that after completing the 10 day version of the detox, I had lost nearly 6 kilos!! This gave me such a kick-start and huge inspiration to continue with my weight loss, I am so proud to say I have now lost in total over 10 Kilos and I think that without getting over that first hurdle of losing the first few kilos, it wouldn’t have been so easy.

I have recommended the Lemon Detox Diet to friends and family, and they can all see that I am living proof it really works!!
Daniel Mayerhoffer, Gold Coast
I found the detox programto be everything advertised and more. So many of my friends have also done the program and found it beneficial as well. I am just about to embark on my second detox as I know now that I haven't felt that well for some time. I highly recommend lemon detox if you want to kick start yourself into a superior phase of your life.
Haydn Atkinson, Sydney
It's pure liquid gold! I just felt fantastic on it. The first 3 days are the hardest because you realise how much your days are punctuated by eating times, coffee breaks, after work social drinks etc. Once you get your mind into the mind set of not eating, the rest of the week is really easy.
The weight loss is amazing and it is a great kick start to any further weight loss program. I would definitely recommend it!
I used the lemon detox program as a way to kick start a new lifestyle. I thought the temptation of food would be too hard to dismiss, but was surprised how easily I kept to the detox regime. After the second day, I didn't even crave food. I was eager to see and feel the full effects of the lemon detox program. The results were great - I lost just under 5kgs and felt more energetic than I had in a long time. Better yet, this really motivated me into choosing the food I eat more carefully, and being aware of an improved way of living.
R. Tossell, NSW
I have tried so many diets and this is the only one to really get results and fast!!!! I generally eat well and exercise but I had socialised too much and got a bit slack and let a little weight creep on...I couldnt get my mind back to eating well & exercising....
I weighed 64kg & 161cm tall, I did the diet for 10 days and lost 5 kilos to get me back to my normal weight of 59kgs. Apart from shedding the extra kilos that had crept on I felt so alive with so much more energy! It really gave me a boost and helped me get back into eating normally and exercising maintain my weight were it should be. Not feeling bloated and fitting back into my favourite clothes is enough inspiration get back into a superior lifestyle after finishing the program.
KW, Sydney Australia
I was a bit skeptical at the benefits of the Lemon Detox Diet program and most importantly did not think I could stick to it as I am a very active person and need to eat a lot to maintain high energy levels.
Being 60kgs at 1.70cm tall I was not overweight so I thought I'd be lucky to lose 2 kilos BUT I was amazed.
Due to social / dinner & lunch commitments I could only do this for 4 days.
I lost 4 kilos in 4 days and I felt fantastic after the 4 days.
Not only did I shed unwanted kilos and got lots more energy but due to not eating for 4 days I reconditioned my body into desiring less food so could keep the weight off and maintain high energy levels.
I definitely want to do it again - this time for the full seven days!
This is the best detox by far and the results are amazing!! I have recommended this and will continue to recommend this to all my friends!
TK, Sydney, Australia
I have been on the Lemon Detox Diet program for 5 days now and cant believe the changes in such a short time. My skin is brighter, my weight has dropped and I feel so much more energetic. I found the first day hard but from then on it has been easy and I dont have any cravings. I will be regularly using this product in the future to maintain my lifestyle and weight.
Dianne M., Drummoyne NSW
I had joined the gym a few months ago to shed a few kilos for a trip to Surfers Paradise with the kids. I achieved a 5 kg weight loss over the space of 3 long hard months. On return from holidays I lost all enthusiasm to return to the gym and slowly gained back the weight I had lost. Not only was I feeling unhealthy and lethargic,
But I had no incentive to return to the gym with Christmas & New Year approaching. I heard about the lemon detox program on the radio and decided to try it out after Christmas and the New Year had passed.
In the early evening on the first day, I became very ill with a migraine and laid in bed vowing to never detox again. The following morning I got out of bed and to my surprise I was feeling 100% if not better. (A migraine would normally knock me out for a couple of days.)
I decided to continue with the detox as I had at least made it through the first day.
The second day brought hunger pangs but I stuck with it as there were no further signs of sickness and I had huge energy levels.
The third day - which I figured would be the worst was a breeze. Each time I felt hungry I just had a glass of the detox drink and was by now also drinking at least 2 litres of water daily - actually enjoying it. Since I had made it to 3 days I figured I would try for 5
My Family could not believe my enthusiasm for life. I was back at the gym with an enormous amount of energy to burn and surfing with the kids each day as well. - we live on the beach. I prepared their meals without even being tempted to break the detox as it was making me feel so good.
On the 4th day 2 people said to me, Wow what have you been doing you look like a million dollars?
My Husband even commented that I was looking like a teenager again. - I am 45. My skin was glowing, the bags under my eyes were gone, my tan glowing and my hair gleaming. I also noticed that my gold jewellery was shining against my skin.
At day 5, I said ok 2 more days and that is it. Well on the 7th day, I called and ordered more detox but I have started eating now and will use the detox as a meal replacement in the future. Certainly, the best product I have ever used.
Bye the way - I had also lost 5 kg in 7 days.
Helen Holt, Ocean Grove. Victoria
I loved the Lemon Detox Diet From Day 1 to Day 7 I did feel a little hungry on day 1 and 2 and was very tired on day 3 but from day 4 it was all smooth sailing and I lost 6 kilos. Obviously I was concerned about returning to my normal eating patterns but oddly enough found when I went back to food I really didnt want the things I used to eat and hated the feeling of being full. I now eat a lot more fresh foods and salads with grilled meat and have managed to maintain the 6 kilo loss. Initially I put 2 kilos back on in the first week after the detox program and as I continued on my new eating pattern have since lost the 2 kilos and an additional 3 kilos. So all up I have lost 9 kilo in 7 weeks. I managed to get through Christmas and New Year festivities by doing the lemon detox program during the day Monday to Friday, eating a normal dinner and what ever I wanted on the weekend. So, Im still loving it and my new size. Lemon detox program has allowed me to get off the rollercoaster road of dieting. I feel great and finally in control.
Michelle Lazaro, Sydney. NSW
The Lemon Detox program was the kick start I needed to a healthier lifestyle and exercise regime. I found the 7 days both physically and mentally tough, but by the end of the program I had lost 5 kilos and felt a lot better about myself. I noticed I had more energy, felt less bloated and did not have any hay fever or puffiness I previously had. I have completed the detox twice and will continue to use it throughout the year, I definitely recommend it.
Nikki, Western Australia
Last year I completed 6 days on the lemon detox program. The first day and a half was the hardest. I didn't switch off from food, in fact, because I was feeling so good about not eating myself, I really focussed on healthy food and home baked snacks for my husband and children. I lost about 3kg and felt fantastic. It just reminded me that when I started to eat "normally" again that I didn't have to consume large portions of food, and I felt better for a smaller portion. I also taught myself to eat slowly and then when I finished my small portion I felt content.
I am about to embark on the detox program again as I gained 2kg over the Christmas holidays. I have to get my headset right and I know that everything will be ok. I cannot wait to feel great again thanks to the Lemon Detox program.
Robyn, South Australia
I had been feeling awful for months before trying the Lemon Detox program after hearing of it on the radio. I had never heard of it before, and ordered straight away after reading everything on the comprehensive web site. I am a wife, mother of two and business partner with my husband. My life is so full and anything to get me on track and lift my energy levels was welcome. We live in such a convenience society. I know my lack of energy is due to my diet. I am around 8 kilos overweight on a 160cm frame which is a lot for my body to handle.
I love the Lemon Detox drink. It is like lemon ice tea with a kick. Day 1 and 2 were OK. A little hungry at times, but I forced myself to keep with the detox drink and drinking water. How good is that sea salt drink - wow, talk about elimination!! Day 3 started alright, but by afternoon had pretty bad headaches. The next 6 days were a lot easier. I was in the right frame of mind and totally focused on sticking to the plan. I was in the zone. After 9 days total on the detox, I can honestly say I have not felt better for years and 4 kilograms lighter. Even after Christmas the week following the detox, followed by 3 weeks holidays, I only gained a little back. Having more energy after the detox, kept me more active through my holidays. I am planning to incorporate a one day a week detox in my life to keep revived. Thank you for bringing this plan to Australia. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Helen, Mandurah, WA
My name is Alex. With my usual busy lifestyle and immobile work conditions I have always felt sluggish and unergised due to my lack of exercise and pretty much a toxic build up. This is my second go on the lemon detox program. With my first attempt due to my lack of patients I did not properly read up about the program and I missed a very important point in the program which was stage 2, getting rid of the toxins from my body. I failed to have a few bowel movements a day which was totally my fault and I was not feeling comfortable on the program. This time round I made sure I was eliminating as required and what a difference it made. The first time because I was not eliminating properly I had headaches for the 5 days I did the program. This time around I went 8 days and with my bowel movements my light headedness was gone in 2 days. For anybody reading my experience be assured that you use the laxative tea and sea salt water. My main concern was what will happen after detoxing. 7 weeks post detox and I have lost a further 3kg with a good healthy eating pattern. The weight I lost during the program has stayed off. It is amazing how this program has encouraged me to look at my lifestyle and focus on the good and not the junk. Apart from the weight loss my energy levels have risen and I totally feel energised. Very happy and fortunate!
Alex, Adelaide, South Australia
It was hard during the first two days of this program but had no problems continuing this over the seven days I was on it. I have used the Lemon Detox Diet several times and feel refreshed and eager to maintain a new lifestyle after the diet.
I intend to keep using the Lemon Detox Diet program on a regular basis as it is also a good discipline to retain that new lifestyle.
Stephen - 48, Victoria