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New Zealand Testimonials

Wow finally something that really worksI was sceptical at first but I have to say it was the best thing I could have done for my body, I feel so rejuvenated and refreshed. My skin is clearer and I feel much healthier within myself. The first day or two were not the easiest as I had mild headaches but after reading this was expected, I knew that it was obviously working. I only planned on doing a 5 day course but ended up finishing my tin and doing the detox program for 6 days. I lost a total of 6kgs and have managed to keep most of that off. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to give their body a thorough cleanse and refresh, especially recommended after the holiday season! I know I will be ordering the LDD again and doing the optimum version next time
Kind regards
Angie Robinson, Hobsonville, Auckland
I did the Lemon Detox program for 10 days as advised in the book. I can honestly say that I felt fantastic after the program. Its been 3 weeks now and I am still feeling the benefits of the cleanse. I lost weight, im sharper and more focused, my skin is smoother, and I just feel ready for everything that I do. No more lags and midday stalls. Apart from all these benefits, not many people realise that you can save a load of money. Its truly amazing, you cut down on foods you did not really need and I have also cut down on the booz and I eat moderately now, even when I am out socialising with friends. The detox has taught me to be aware of the challenges that may face me and you know how easy it is to get into a bad routine.To sum up, Its been well worth my spend. Its just amazing to see how your mind and body can be transformed in a short period of time..Highly Recommend!
Kayla Smith, Auckland
Before I started the detox I was extremely worried about those painful hunger pangs that you get when you don\'t eat. I found I didn\'t get them at all during the detox. I could smell the aroma of takeaways (my downfall) and not want any. It was fantastic! I thought 7 days was a little long, however the end result was 4 kilos lost and my skin looked good, it even lightened my discolouring on my face. I felt really good and trim after the detox. I have ordered another tin to continue every week for 1-2 days a week. Thank you Madal Bal. This is one detox that I will definitely do again.
Sharon, New Zealand
I have never done any form of diet before basically because I did not think that I had the discipline to keep to it.
I did the LDD for the Detox benefits.....I do not do anything to excess but wanted to know what I would feel like if I got rid of the junk out of my system.
Once over the hard bit you start to feel really energised, sleep better and have a real clarity of thought.
The drink looks gross but actually tastes fine. It is actually nice.
I found myself almost nesting where I was not only cleaning myself out but cleaning out my house, my cupboards, under the house, the garage, my car....Anything I could clean!
I lost 2kg but I did not think I was going to lose anything as I don't really think I have a lot to lose.
Now that I have completed it I would definitely recommend it as I am feeling the full effects.
I have had people say I look really good and my skin is really good at the moment.
I still have not had any coffee or chocolate and am still drinking the Peppermint tea and eating really healthy food.
Monica Pearce, Auckland, New Zealand
I drive over 35,000 kms per year in New Zealand. I became very unfit, relying on unhealthy foods when on the road, often drinking an excess of coffee to keep me going.
A friend suggested taking a Lemon Detox course as his daughter, although focusing on trying to lose weight, had said how much better she had felt.
The first day was quite difficult not because I really felt hungry, it was just the feeling I should be chewing something. It became easier from the 2nd day and making up 2 litre batches meant that I was able to take it whilst on the road. I had planned to take the product for only 5 days but had enough left to happily extend it to 6 days.
What a difference to my outlook and energy; and losing 6 kgs was a real bonus. My circumstances would have made it very difficult to maintain any of the usual 'diet and exercise' plans, which would have been costly, time consuming and, I doubt, anywhere near as effective. I now happily eat less, the weight has stayed off and I feel great. I plan to take the Lemon Detox course every few months.
Conrad Lewis, Gisborne, New Zealand
This is my 2nd time on the LDD program and it has worked just as well for me as the first time.
My energy levels are up, my hair, skin and nails are glowing and my weight has just fallen off my hips, bottom and thighs.
I recommend this diet to all my clients requiring weight reduction or detoxing as part of my cellulite program as well. Amazing product!
I love it and it seems to respond well with my Fibromyalgia, relieving me of my aches and pains.
Thank You LDD
Jet Therapy, Christchurch, New Zealand
I took on the Lemon Detox Diet program just prior to Xmas. And it was amazing. Not only was I able to continue my exercise, I felt like I had so much energy it was unbelievable. I did it for approximately 8 days and lost about 6kgs. I was 60kgs and went down to 54kgs. Not once did I feel hungry or sick. If anything I felt I had more energy, my hair and skin was just beaming and everyone was asking me what I had been doing to look so good! It kept me alert too ... I was intially a bit worried about my job as I need to concentrate and have to be on the ball.... I work in radio and present the traffic, weather and cancellations. Hence I can't afford to muck things up if you know what I mean.What I did find was that my mind seemed sharper. I didn't feel tired either. And I pretty much ran 8ks everyday and felt wonderful.
I would definitely recommend the Lemon Detox Diet to anyone who is wanting to do a Detox firstly and secondly to lose weight. Oh and by the way I have maintained the weight loss ... haven't put any of it back on which is great!
IVANKA ZONICH, Auckland New Zealand
I just want to say how efficient the service was from Lemon Detox. Eager to begin my program, I mentally focused on an all liquid diet which I have to say was pretty easy for me.
After a few days of light headedness, I was over overwhelmed with the progress. My skin began to clear, I was awaking up real early every day and my energy levels had come back after a continuous year of bad eating habits. Apart from the weight loss (added bonus), I feel amazed at this transformation and I am all grateful for it. 2 months on and I have also lost some more weight with good eating patterns. I am eating less and feeling all healthy and what amazes me the most is that I actually crave healthy foods. Bye Bye fast foods and thank you dearly to you, Lemon Detox.
Jenny Thomson, Wellington, New Zealand
I have done the relaxed version for 3 weeks and have seen amazing results. My skin is clearer and I feel a lot more energetic and less fatigued. I used to be so lazy and constantly getting tired. I now feel more alive, able to stay focused and am enjoying the mental benefits of the program. My hubby did 8 days straight and loves the detox. In a way it has changed our view on foods and beverages and we are more concerned about healthier meals now. Funny, we are actually starting to read the back of pack labels as we are more aware of the crap that we have been consuming.
But overall this has been a very thankful experience for us and we owe our gratitude to the inventor of this program.
Dan & Kylie, Dunedin New Zealand
After reading the Lemon Detox work, I was inspired to try the program. The book helped me prepare and understand the concept of the program which made it a lot easier for me to do. I must say that I am totally revamped and revitalised in this short time. I feel healthy and full of fun energy. As well as the 4kg weight loss I am totally satisfied with the program and how easy it was to do. What an experience, just a few days to feel so healthy.
I have intoduced a healthier me and have kicked my addictions. Looking forward to the next few months with my improved well being and a general sense of peace.
Simone Durak, Wellington, New Zealand
Day 1 I was worried that I was not gonna make 2 days. Day 2 I felt the toxins coming out. Day 3 was when I began to notice a change. The hunger passed and I began to feel lighter and energetic. Was like drinking a few red bulls. The program got easier and easier and I went 11 days full detox and 5 days on the relaxed version. I am writing this testimonial 1 month later to really see the post benefits of the campaign. The benefits on the detox were just an intro to the benefits I have received after the program. To not bore you anymore, I lost 8 kg on the program and a further 3kg till today. I absolutely feel good and have heaps of energy in myself. I am focused, more happy and have cut back on all bad foods which really did effect my lifestyle. I totally recommend this program to any person looking for a chance to increase their well being and health. A great kick start to a better life.
Ronald Bowman, Christchurch, NZ
I loved doing the Lemon DetoxI initially eased myself into it by doing a relaxed version for the first 5-7 days then I did the full version for 7 days. I have never felt so clean or light, my skin has cleared and WOW what a kick-start to my metabolism. The comments I have had from friends and family have been awesome. I will definitely be doing the Lemon Detox again!
Jenny du Fresne, Avondale Auckland
My doctor told me that I needed to cleanse my system, as I was putting on weight, breaking out and always catching the flu.
I chose the Lemon Detox after being referred by his assistant.
I managed to do 10 days on the optimum version without any solids. I must say that it was an experience that I totally enjoyed and lost the kilos I needed. I broke out a bit on the first couple of days which was expected after reading the website, but by day 5 my skin was smooth as glass. I did feel a rush of energy and you can honestly feel these toxins leaving your body as day by day got easier.
Overjoyed with my achievements, but I really wanted to see how I would be feeling post detox. 1 month later I have lost further weight and I have not had the flu since. My energy levels are up and I feel so good. The results are lasting which was my main concern after completing the diet. I now focus on a healthy diet plan, in which the detox has helped me achieve.
Most grateful for the service
Kylie Livingstone, Howick, New Zealand
I did the 5 day version of the LDD and had great results. I, like a lot of people was sceptical about it but found it surprisingly easy. I had read all of the testimonials prior to doing it and thought that I wouldn't experience any of that. Granted my results were not as drastic or obvious as some, but I really did feel great. I am 178cm and 65kgs so didn't expect to lose much weight but went down to 61 after 5 days. I tend to eat very healthy but realised that my weight would not remain quite that low as I needed to eat food again, I am now 63 and very happy there. I would do the diet again but not for months to a year as I don't need it that regularly.Thank you
Gemma Muirhead, Whangaparaoa, New Zealand
My husband and I have just completed the 7 day lemon detox diet and loved it! Neither one of us struggled with the no food concept as the flavour of the lemon detox tonic is so nice to drink as well as being refreshing especially if it has been chilled for awhile...we made our 2 litres up the night before and took our bottles with us to work each day, so easy! Both of us lost the whole bloated feeling and some excess kg's to boot - awesome - will absolutely do the detox again as the benefits are really worth the effort and is a great cleanser for your whole system! (Happy detoxers from NZ)
T Markham, New Zealand
Excellent to use for detox and fasting especially helpful where people have busy lifestyles and have little time for juice fasting. Also very helpful in retraining eating patterns to combat overeating.
Ms Jaine Kirtley MRN RN - Registered Naturopath, Registered Nurse, Tel: 0064 (0)7 542 1364
Web: www.baynaturopath.co.nz
I love your product!!! I heard about Lemon Detox from a friend who loved it and I decided to try it for myself. I was going on holiday with my partner in December and committed myself to a week of Lemon Detox just before we left. It worked wonders - beside the fact that it is really a great tasting and refreshing drink, the most amazing thing is that it really does fill you up and don't make you feel hungry at all. I have tried numerous diets in the past and the worst thing about dieting is that I always feel hungry. Well, with Lemon Detox that is not a problem at all. And I lost 3.5kg in the week, which allowed me to have a wonderful holiday and confidence in a bikini!
After returning from holiday I went of the Lemon Detox diet again, to start the year feeling refreshed and healthy. And once again I am amazed at how much energy I have. Even though I am on the program, I still manage to go to the gym every morning and feel like I am buzzing during my day at work. Another great thing about the detox is that it really motivates you to stay healthy even after the program. I believe in this program so much that I am going to send a tin to my mother in Germany! I will also continue do the program at least once every couple of months to give myself a good detox and take advantage of all the added benefits of the Lemon Detox Program.
Nicola, Auckland, New Zealand
I have to admit I was rather skeptical. But after 8 days so far on the Lemon Detox my skin is looking fantastic and I have lost around 4kg! The first few days are tough but like they say it's a mental challenge which gets easier by the day. You'll feel healthier, lighter and sleep soundly which is a bonus indeed. It really does give you motivation to exercise to maintain the weight you've lost which to be honest I thought would never happen. I'm now hooked and will definately incorporate it into my lifestyle for a one day a week cleanse and a twice yearly 7-day detox. I couldn't endorse a product more. Regards and thanks.
Shelley, Point England, Auckland
I did the Lemon Detox diet for 5 days and found the results to be amazing! I felt incredible after completing the 5 days, I had loads of energy, and a fantastic sense of general well being and healthiness! Not only that, but several friends and work colleagues commented on how great my skin looked! 1 week after completing the detox and I still feel great and have kept off the 2.5 kilos that I lost while doing it.
I would recommend Lemon Detox to anyone!
Megan, Auckland
I started the Lemon Detox Diet with my girlfriend Angie on a Friday and we completed the classic Detox program for six days. We both found the first two days the most trying as we were getting slight headaches and becoming a little irritable (especially my girlfriend) from the toxins leaving our bodies. I found this small discomfort to get less and less as the days passed, in fact I found it easier and easier as the detox went on. We were initially going to only complete 5 days of the detox diet but decided on the morning of day 6 to empty the tin completely so we did another day before going onto the juice day. Sometimes we used more than the recommended 3.5 squeezed lemons in our daily drink just because we loved the lemon taste. The lemon detox diet was unbelievably worthwhile and totally rejuvenated us both. Our skin feels and looks great and I managed to lose 7kgs and my girlfriend lost 6kgs, which was an added bonus because we mainly did the detox to flush our kidneys and liver (especially mine) and it worked beautifully. We feel great and we recommend this to anyone and everyone willing enough to try it, it works! I now have 4 work colleagues and both my sisters doing it after telling them about my awesome lemon detox diet experience
Destry, Auckland, NZ
Yes, I am a convert.
Before Christmas I was feeling totally over it. My job requires extensive travel and entertaining and I was 12-15 Kgs overweight. The year had seen me diagnosed with high blood pressure and I was less than happy with myself.
I enjoyed New Year with a good friend who had tried the Lemon Detox for 5 days and was looking startlingly well. Lighter, brighter and even better skin colour.
Although somewhat apprehensive, this encouraged me to give it a go. To my absolute amazement, the drink tasted like maple syrup pancakes with out the pancakes. At no time whatsoever during the 7 days did I feel hungry. I was fortunate to not have any side effects - that is other then the psychosomatic desire to eat. This was exacerbated in the evening when I realised that food advertisements are run on television every 10 minutes and, being a foodie, it may not have been the best judgement to watch the cooking shows :)
Better still I did not even miss the evening glass of wine!!
I did find that the recommended ratio of syrup to lemon was a little high and the best way to drink the salt water solution was as hot as you could stand it. Then you can't taste it.
Results - after 7 days I lost 8 Kgs. I genuinely feel more refreshed and I am told my demeanour is somewhat improved. Back to playing tennis 3-4 nights a week and planning to resume the Lemon Detox for 7 days each quarter.
A last wee tip - pay attention to the solid food resumption advice. Firing straight into the solid is a touch uncomfortable. Regards
Bill, New Zealand
I was very excited to be starting the Lemon Detox Diet as I am a long time sufferer of IBS - about 17 years!
managed to do it for 4 days, then I just had to eat - I had been hungry for 4 days, I just couldn't do it anymore. Apart from that, the flavour is fine. The saltwater flush.... an interesting experience. I just closed my nose and drunk. You've got to do what you've got to do, don't complain just get on with it. I didn't lose much weight after 4 days, but noticed a steady weight reduction of about 1.5 kgs in the week after. I didn't do it for the weight loss though. The best thing..... NO problems at all with IBS since. I've been eating normally for two weeks again now and my digestive system is great. A pity about the hunger, I would have definitely proceeded with the full 7 - 10 days if I hadn't been so hungry and vague.
I think I will just do the detox once a month for 2 - 3 days to make sure my system stays clear.
Carla, Auckland, New Zealand
I completed the 7 day detox and lost 3kg. I found the detox relatively easy once I had the mixture right. I never felt hungry, maybe a little tired in the first two days but that was the only thing. I have a dodgy digestive system at the best of times but this has improved out of site since doing the detox. No more bloated tummy's! I now eat healthier options and will do the detox again.
Fiona, AK, NZ
I am 15 and did the Lemon Detox Diet for five days recently and it went really well. Overall I lost just over 3 kilos in the five days and am ecstatic with that, so far none of it has come back on, 3 weeks on from the diet. I found the first two days the hardest- you don't feel hungry really, just more of an urge to chew on something out of habit! Salt water worked very well. Overall I would definitely recommend partaking in this diet because you see results and it also helped my skin to clear up and I feel more energised waking up in the morning!
Thanks LDD!
Sharon Smith, Milford, New Zealand
I have now successfully completed 10 days on the lemon detox, and along with incredibly clear skin, bright eyes, and an overall feeling of increased health and motivation, I have lost just over 7kg. Due to my previous reaction to the sea salt on my earlier attempt on the detox, I substituted the salt with a second dose of the senna tea. That worked really well for me, and aside from a minor headache on day 3, I felt fine and still managed to go to the gym or for a run every day during the detox. My friends, family and colleagues have commented on the difference the detox has made for me. I certainly intend to use this concept regularly in the future.
Sally, Auckland
I LOVE the Lemon Detox Diet! This is Liquid Gold! I was a little sceptical at the benefits of the Lemon Detox diet. I am an extremely active person and did not think I would be able to complete the 7-day program! I'm grateful to my partner & family for their encouragement and support!
In the first four days, I lost 3kgs. Brilliant! I woke up each morning full of energy & hit the streets for my x1 hour power walk!
I woke up wanting to exercise, full of energy, felt stronger and more positive.
This was my first Detox diet and after completing the 7-day program, I lost a total of 5kgs!
I feel AMAZING, my skin is glowing, I'm fitter, stronger, lighter, more energized and sleep better.
My friends, family and partner have all noticed a difference and I have recommend this to them all.
I found the weekends the hardest for me due to being a social person who likes to wine and dine.
I did experience tiredness and slight headaches in the evening on my first 3 days, however it only got better.
It has now been 3 weeks since completing the Lemon Detox Diet & I'm still feeling amazing, full of energy & the added bonus is I have not put any of the weight back on.
I cannot say enough about this program & recommend it to everyone! You will love it!
Kelly Morris, Auckland
New Zealand
Hi there, Happy New Year. I was told about the lemon detox diet by my daughter when she sent me a text from Australia thrilled with her results. My husband went on to the internet for me and put in an order. (We cannot buy it in NZ). It arrived very promptly. I found the diet easy and lost 4.5 kg after 6days on the diet and 4kg the second time after 5days. I work in a job where I never know what time I will manage to get home for dinner and found by having this ready made drink on hand it was easier to stick to a diet. I will certainly be ordering more especially after seeing Christmas and New year celebrations are out the way as a kick start to the New year and will certainly recommend it to friends who want to lose weight. I did not exercise as much as I would have liked to so next time I will work on that at the same time and get out for my walk in the morning as feel this would probably have helped with losing even more. All the best
Kathy D, (NZ)
This detox is really easy to follow and you can be as strict or relaxed about it as you like. I did the 3 day on - 3 day off programme as I found that I could relax in the weekend when I had functions on and then get back into the detox when the week started. I lost a little bit of weight but I mainly did it to cleanse my body and feel a lot better for doing it. I will do the full 7-day programme after new years and am really looking forward to it as I know how easy it is to follow!
Jen Lim, Auckland, New Zealand
After months of really bad eating, I needed "something" to help me stop punishing my body ! I heard the ad for Lemon Detox on the radio and thought "Why not !" I was a little concerned by the thought of not eating anything... but the detox idea really appealed.
Once I got the mix right, the drink was actually OK and even though I did have a major headache the first night, I stuck with the detox for 5 days. I then had two days off, followed by another 5 days on. Each day got easier and I felt really good.... nowhere like I normally feel when starting a diet ! The salted water was not easy, but knowing you were giving your body a real "clean" certainly helped!
That was 6 weeks ago. I lost a total of 5 kg over the 10 days and have since lost another 2kg because I feel so good and so motivated ! If you need a little something to kick-start you into healthy eating, this certainly works and the bonus is a cleansed body and a 5 kg weight loss!
Sam Snoad, Dannemora, New Zealand
I have been dieting since August (about 5 months now) and have lost 17kg in total. I have been on the lemon detox diet once during that time and am currently doing it for the second time. The first time I tried it was purely with the goal to lose weight and I only did it for 5 days due to a family function but I was amazed at how quickly I saw results on the diet. I lost 3kg and the improvement in my skin was also very noticeable and was pointed out by friends and family. I decided that I would try the diet again (the 10 day version) and am currently on Day 9 of the diet and it feels great to be back to my former self. I have lost 6 kg this time round and I only have 4kgs left to lose to get to my goal weight and have no doubt that I will make it there soon. The Detox Diet has been so helpful in achieving my weight loss goals. At the time when I started the diet for the first time, my weight loss had slowed down a lot and I was starting to lose motivation but this diet put me right back onto it. I would recommend that if you are going to try the diet to try and do it properly the results and effects are so much better this way. Dont eat solid food, drink the recommended dose of sea salt water and the laxative tea at night as well as the 2 litres of juice a day the sea salt isnt so foul after a few days! There are so many other benefits to the lemox detox diet other than weight loss. I feel great inside and out, and am enjoying the benefits of the diet too much to relapse back into old eating habits. I would recommend this diet to everybody! If I can do it, anybody can! Anybody who has new years resolutions to lose a few pounds this is the perfect way to kick-start your diet!
Stephanie, Auckland, New Zealand
The lemon detox was amazing. Don't think I have ever lost weight so fast before but the thing is I still felt amazing, full of so much energy and I did not once feel hungry... it was so good that I got my mother and my mother in law on to it and also my two sister in laws and my sister. They all had the same thing to say about it as me. Now we can all look and feel great together, thank you to Lemon Detox... Xxx
Johanna, Auckland, New Zealand
I recently did the 5 day lemon detox diet. By day two I was feeling positive, healthy & I was losing weight. I did not feel hungry at all throughout the detox. The taste was unusual to get used to but after a couple of days I was quite used to it and found it easy to drink. I will be using the lemon detox again - so thankyou.
Sharon, Bombay, New Zealand
I found it fantastic I did it for 7 days and have to say I did not find it hard at all. I felt so much better having done it and as a bonus lost about 4kg as well. I will possibly look at doing it again after the Xmas festivities just to detox the system again .Many thanks
Suzanne, Auckland, New Zealand
Just finished my lemon detox diet. Cannot believe how good I felt, my energy levels were good, and if I felt hungry, just had another swig on my bottle, and I was satisfied. After completion I felt very alive and well, I am going to start having a 1 day a week detox day now, after the weekend.
Jenny Maloney, Auckland, New Zealand
I went on the LDD for 7 days and was pleasantly surprised by the results. It is easy to do with regards to making up the 2l drink every day but you must be aware and prepared for the mental trial of the 1st couple of days. I am not a food person particularly and can go without meals and it doesn't phase me too much, yet I still found the 1st 2 days hard. Once in the swing of the diet I found every day life easy to deal with. I still went to the gym as normal and my work didnt suffer in anyway.
I believe the LDD is a great way to detox your body and give it, a well needed rest but with out the mental and physical strain of a fast, which normally requires time off of work etc.
My conclusion of LDD is it is a great way to kick start any long term diet plan/ healthy eating lifestyle change. I was a little disheartened when I didnt feel any different while actually carrying out the detox but after trying to maintain my limited food intake in the few weeks after the detox, I really started to see results. I have managed to keep some of the weight off but due to a trip overseas I havent been able to maintain it yet and so I am now planning on doing another week to kick start myself again.
Christina Winyard, Auckland
What an amazing product. I did the lemon detox diet for 7 days. I found it a little hard on the first 2 days as youre so used to eating food. But I had made by drinks up in 2 litre bottles and that lasted me for the day. I found that once I got used to the taste, it was a lot easier. You do notice the difference once you have finished. Your skin looks so good and you feel so good. Thank you.
Jaime Lepper, Auckland, New Zealand