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Sleeping Better

I was very sceptical that 7 days of lemon detox was achievable.

Once I started the lemon detox I was very surprised how full I felt. I told people at work that I was doing the lemon detox and everyone was very supportive and excited for me.

The first few days went by very quickly and after the second day I felt rejuvenated and refreshed. I had more energy than usual and found that my sleeping patterns improved.

I went from 86.8 kg to 82.5 kg and have been able to maintain the weight loss. I really enjoyed doing the detox and will repeat it in six months.

Several people have commented that I look better, slimmer and seem more energetic and refreshed. Thanks!!
Shannon Waters, Victoria
I wanted to try the Lemon Detox because of how often I was feeling low on energy and thought my body needed a break.

However before I started the Lemon Detox diet I was worried that not eating food would mean lack of energy and grumpiness.

I was pleasantly surprised at actually how energised I felt and for the first time in years I was waking up without yawning and hitting the snooze button 5 times.

When I did start eating again I was much more aware of what I was eating and was getting full on almost half the amount of food I used to eat. I am looking forward to smaller, healthier meals."
Amanda Sacco, Sydney Australia
I am 25 yrs old and training to become a personal trainer. After hearing about the lemon detox diet on the radio I did some research of my own before starting. Coming from a European family where there is a lot of focus on food, I thought that I would find it difficult quite the opposite, not only did I lose weight I did not feel hungry at all (even though my mother kept on offering me food several times a day). I found that I had much more energy and motivation and slept a lot better. I am on my third batch now and I will continue to use the Lemon Detox program.
Guy, Victoria
I have been on the Lemon Detox diet for 5 days and feel so much better. Not only I lost 5kg I have so much more energy which I need in my busy catering business. I have introduced the Lemon Detox in my office and all of them are truly happy with their results. I am using the Lemon Detox once a week or in the evenings instead of dinner. I sleep so much better and the next day I feel like a new person. Thank you so much for bringing the Lemon Detox to Australia. Absolutely love it.
Arnold Huber, Sydney Australia
After hearing of the Lemon Detox program on the radio, I purchased a pack with another friend.
I did the detox for five (5) days. Yes, I would have to agree that the third day is the most difficult, but once you get passed the third day, the rest is easy.
I also enjoyed the fact that you needed to re-introduce normal eating to the body slowly and sensibly.
Its great you dont feel hungry, I slept better and I now I try and maintain by replacing the Lemon Detox for breakfast. Its great loving it.
Tina, Australia
YAY Lemon Detox!!! I did it for 8.The first couple of days I found a bit hard - made me realise what an habitual eater I've become - however I started feeling so much better I was getting up early (unheard of!) and exercising morning and night. As the days went by I felt stronger and stronger, really sleeping well and I felt really grounded and calm, somehow.
I also really love the taste of it as well, and don't mind the salt water or herbal tea, plus I love the bite from the cayenne pepper (and I add some ginger to mine).
Since then I've done a few 1 and 2 day stints, but the hardest thing is to fit into a busy schedule, so I'm really looking forward to doing a full 10 day detox soon.
I lost about 5 kilos in the 7 days I was on it, which was great, but the best thing was just feeling so energised. And I didn't feel hungry or weak, even though food smells amazing (I think it clarifies your senses or something).
I totally recommend this 'diet' and plan to keep it up as a regular program for my own well-being.
Annie, Ashburton, vic