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Constipation Bloating Digestion

So far I have done the Lemon Detox Diet on 3 separate occasions ranging from 5 to 7 days.

My First experience was one of doubt of how I would adjust to a liquid only diet, and suspicion when I saw the Sea Salt & Laxative tea! Day 1 was difficult and of course now I understand food is just a habit, but never-the-less it took some mind power and determination to adjust initially.

By Day 2 I found I felt less hungry and I was pleased that the diet was encouraging me to drink more water, which I always mean to do, but never do! I felt quite refreshed which I didn’t expect. By Day 3, 4 and 5 I really started to notice significant differences I felt revived and refreshed, much less ‘sluggish’ and my outlook in general felt more positive. Also the ‘bloatedness’ I always experience had gone & I felt much more comfortable in my clothes.

First experience I tried for 5 days after that I’ve done 7 days. I now incorporate it into my normal routine every few months as I really do see the benefits of the Lemon Detox. Plus when I went back to eating solid foods, I wanted to eat more healthy and I had better portion control.
Geri Graham, Point Cook, Melbourne
My immune system is not what it once was so after hearing and reading about the Lemon Detox program I thought it would be a good way to flush out my system. It was great, I experienced all the benefits mentioned and felt wonderful whilst on the diet and beyond. Since, I have also noticed that my immune system has markedly improved, I do not pick up everything my children may get and I am able to get over things a great deal quicker. What I may have previously been in bed sick with for three-five days I am now not debilitated with in the same way. I will definitely be doing the Lemon Detox Diet again!
Julia, Sydney,NSW
I have a very sluggish digestive system and regularly get constipated. I use the Lemon Detox program to give myself a cleanout and as an added bonus l lost a few kilos. I do the detox every six months or more often depending on how l feel. The Lemon Detox Diet helps keep my system functioning properly and shed a few kilos at the same time. It is a quick and very easy way to kick start your body.
Josephine Schneider, Victoria
I would like to say thank you to the Madal Bal team as I have had fantastic results with the lemon detox. I have now done the full detox twice (about 8 months apart) and both times I got amazing results. I am a massage therapist and personal trainer so wellness is very important to me. Not only did I feel fantastic during the detox, but continued to afterwards. My skin was clear and glowing after only the third day on the detox, the usual bloating I suffer from eased after 3 days, and I could think so much clearer, had loads more energy, and never felt hungry! I have also been amazed by the weight loss. I am only a small person but lost almost 4kg and most of my cellulite both times I went on the Lemon Detox. For those personal trainers out there concerned about muscle loss during the lemon detox-I had a concern with that too, what I found was if I didn't exercise then yes I did have muscle loss (as I found the first time I did the detox) but the second time around I kept up my usual weights and cardio routine and maintained muscle. I will definitely do the Lemon Detox again, and have referred many people to it as well.
Melissa Zannakis, Remedial Therapist and Personal Trainer
26yrs old Brisbane, Qld
I used the LDD for health reasons as I was having trouble digesting a lot of foods and would end up with extreme indigestion and heart burn from almost everything I ate. I did the LDD for 1 week which fixed this problem and also helped me to lose 6kg which was a good jump start for me to continue losing the weight I needed to lose, that I was having trouble losing by other methods.
Its been 3 months and I have not put that weight back on, nor have I had the indigestion/heart burn problems again however will do the detox again just to keep these problems at bay.
The drink tastes great (to me) its satisfying and as it has a sweet taste, I feel that works, as when I've had a headache in general its because I needed something sweet.
I'm glad I found out about the LDD!
Kiro, Queensland
I first started using the Lemon Detox Diet approximately 8 months ago and loved the feeling it gave me after being on the detox for five days. I not only lost the bloated feeling but also lost approximately 3 kilos which was a bonus. I also had much more energy and get up and go. In fact, I felt so impressed with the detox that my partner Andrew wanted to try it and he also loved it. We now both go on the Lemon Detox Diet regularly.
Jennifer Beer, Victoria, Australia
I did the lemon detox diet program approximately 6 months ago and highly recommend it! I found it quite easy to do as the drink is so palatable, so much better than other herbal detoxes I have tried in the past. I am generally quite healthy and eat pretty well but have some trouble with my skin and congestion on my face as well as some digestive problems. When I did the detox, my skin cleared up and I had no bloating or digestive problems. I felt very well generally and slept better. I only did the detox for 5 days that time and I feel that I should try to use it for a longer period of time the next time I do it (very soon) as the benefits will be even greater.
Michelle Fraser, Arana Hills, Qld
I first used the Lemon Detox Diet program in November last year. I found the Lemon Detox quite easy and was very happy to lose four kilos after 5 days. I found the best part of the Lemon Detox Diet was the total feeling of well being that I got. I had been suffering from bloating, and a generally uncomfortable stomach and bowel and the Lemon Detox program has totally fixed my problems. I also had much more energy and get up and go. I now drink the syrup regularly to remain well, and undertake the Standard Version of the diet every eight weeks to keep on top of those kilos. Thank you Lemon Detox Diet!!!!
Shirley Mulcahy, Brisbane Queensland
There is a saying in my homeland Ask who has tried and dont ask the doctor. I have been dumped with medication from each doctor I visit regarding my health conditions. I have been taking medication for a few years now to help with blood pressure, cholesterol, constipation and weight control. I was so tired of always trying to program my days around taking my medication. My friend told me about this diet and I said What the heck, Ill give it a go.
But I really wanted to know how people went on the diet so I called the company and asked if I could be in contact with some people who have been on the program. After speaking to a few people and having to hear their experiences I decided to go on the program for 7 days. I reached 13 days. The first few days were a bit tough as I was getting used to not eating solids but the remaining days just flew by. Well what can I say. The visits to the doctor are less frequent. My constipation has been relieved and I honestly feel alive. I dropped 8 kg and it happily cost me a new wardrobe. Five weeks later I am eating healthy and have kept the weight off. The best thing about this program is that it is simple to do, tastes great and it has really changed my every day life.
Joseph Bechara, Melbourne Victoria
The Lemon Detox program really worked well for my wife Donna and myself. Donna initially used it to kick start her body into losing weight, as she felt her metabolism wasn't working properly. I myself just wanted to have a healthier body as I am into looking after my body on to outside I felt it was time to look after my body on the inside.
The results surpassed our expectations. Yes Donna did lose weight about 4 kilos in a week, but she couldn't believe how healthy her body became and for the first time in ages didn't have that bloated feeling.
Donna's skin was very soft and she seemed to have more energy.
A month down the track Donna is doing the lemon detox program 1 day a week and she still feels good and healthy and her metabolism seems to be working much better.
I myself am also going to continue with the detox 1 day a week, I did have more energy and a well being that my body substantially benefited from the lemon detox.
Donna & David Smith, Sydney Australia
I have the slowest metabolism in the world!!!! not joking!! so I was really concerned if a detox program would make it worse, as I have done other detoxes felt totally lousy and as soon as normal eating resumed the weight came back in a matter of days!!
So here is my story: I tried the slow detox with salad and soup at first but I still wanted food and craved sweets....didn't work .....so I recommend the proper detox ...because your craving for food goes after several days..... I initially intended doing 5 days then continued to 10 days and I was feeling so good ( I continued with all my normal activities) that I stayed on it 18 days!!! but to my surprise (I've now been off it 5 weeks and three of those weeks I was overseas on a holiday with very little control many times over what I could eat) the weight did NOT instantly come back, so all I can say I am so happy I did it and would do it again!!
I kept a diary and day 3 & 4 was a killer ... I had aches and pains in my body as I have had joint pain for a few years so the toxins were moving out of my joints & I didn't sleep well the first few days and I was hungry a little bit at night on day 10 and 11 but every time I drank the syrup I was ok.
I didn't weight myself, I know that might sound funny, but because I lose weight SO SLOWLY I didn't want to focus only on weight loss and possibly be discouraged and give up... I was needing to detox more than anything as I had been sleeping poorly and was tired a lot..... If you have a slow metabolic rate you don't have to weigh yourself as you might compare yourself with others and give up!!.......anyway by day 14 everyone was raving about how much thinner I looked! (no need for scales!) so that alone boosted me!!
My husband was very sceptical about it, but today, I have ordered him a tin of syrup because he wants to do 5 day detox himself ......why?? because he has seen me .....sleep better... feel better ....and look better!!!
Rosemary aged 49, Sydney Australia