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Relaxed Version

Hi, i started the detox on a Tuesday @ 87.5kg & 8 days later i was 82.5. I only did the relaxed program with one meal @ lunchtime as i am a single full time dad of 3 children & a Family Day Care Provider,i was not sure how i would cope if i did the full program & suffered with any energy loss.I was amaized @ how much wieght just droped away and i would have lost more under the full program.My energy level is better than before, my mind very clear, my skin looks great.I will continue with this progam on a very regular bases.Truly Amazing & i now recomend this to all my freinds & family.
Darren Saxton, Whyalla, SA
I have had great results with the Lemon detox program. I didn't want to have extreme weight loss (up to 5kg a week) so I selected to keep having one meal per day. Besides, I love food and couldn't see myself being on liquids all day long. By following this process, I was losing aprox 1kg per week, my hair started becoming less frizzy, my nails strengthened, skin glowed and I feel less congested, stuffy but more bright and refreshed. Now I use the Lemon detox diet as a maintained program. When ever I start feeling and looking like I was before the program. I jump on the Lemon detox as I had done before. for about 2 weeks, to get back on track again. Many thanks Lemon detox
KY, Sydney
The lemon detox diet program helped me lose 5 kilos in a week. I have managed to keep it off by having the lemon detox during the day, which makes me feel much more energetic and for the first time in months not tired. Mostly I have a normal dinner of meat and vegetables or vegies and ricotta. However, on weekends I have some wines with my friends and pretty much whatever I want for dinner. In saying that, the lemon detox is almost like magic, if you feel like eating you naturally go for healthy foods and not junk. The lemon detox is a life change for me and all of my friends have noticed my weight loss and I really do love it.
Yasmin, Manly, Sydney
I have used the Lemon Detox Diet and its great. Last year I broke my big toe and was unable to do any physical activities for 8 months and gained 10 kilos. I felt heavy, had no energy or motivation to do any exercise. This year decided to get rid of toxins in my body when I heard about the Lemon Detox Diet advertised on the radio. I bought the ingredients and decided to do the 7 days no solid food program. Well, I lasted for 14 days with no solid food and I feel great. The drink tastes great and I felt no hunger whatsoever. My skin looks amazing and I feel so energetic. I now take my dogs for walks every night and exercise at home too. I have lost 4.5 kilos which you may think its not much but I'm not overweight person and always have been on the slim side. I'm still on Lemon Detox Diet the relaxed version because I enjoy the taste and love the way I feel and looking good too.
F. Everard, Sydney, Australia
I have been using lemon detox drink as a regular part of my diet when on the go and not able to fit in regular meal breaks. I just love it. The taste is pleasant and it keeps me energized until my next meal. Although i am not looking to lose weight the enhanced energy levels I experience are great and would recommend highly.
Kathleen, Victoria
I just wanted to tell you how great I found the Lemon Detox Diet. I did the 7 day cleanse over two weeks, due to social commitments, 4 days one week, 3 days the next. I lost a total of 5 kilos and I feel great. My nails are stronger, my body looks better and I have had so many comments on how I am looking.
I found the cleanse to be a lot easier than I anticipated. I only experienced somewhat mild headaches and pangs of hunger in the first day. After that it was easy. The second week was harder than the first for some reason and I did find myself craving real food, perhaps due to my love of cooking. I am now having one detox day a week and plan to do the 7 day cleanse every six months.
A lot of people freak out when you tell them that you do not eat solid food but having gone through the process I thoroughly recommend it. Not only do you feel great and lose a few kilos, it helps you recognise bad eating habits and what triggers you to eat when you are not hungry. Although I still love my chocolate, I do not crave as much and I am more inclined to have a little bit, rather than the whole block.
Thank you for bringing a great product to Australia!
Natalie Buckland, Sunbury, Victoria
I LOVE the Lemon Detox drink. I am on the "relaxed" program and basically make up a batch of the Lemon Detox drink each day and take it to work and drink it during the day.
My sugar cravings have virtually ceased and I have lost 4 kgs (from 64 to 60) in five weeks.
I am eating normally but have more energy and feel and look fantastic. I drink a lot more water as well and find that I am more satisfied with smaller portions as the drink seems to satisfy my cravings.
My stomach is flatter and friends are noticing and asking what I've done. As I'm not dramatically overweight it's been more gradual and therefore more realistic.
I find it easy to incorporate the Lemon Detox drink into my day and those that teased me about my "potion" are now seeing the results, particularly as I have not touched the" Lolly Jar" at work after having to replenish it on an almost daily basis prior to this!!
I am sure the Lemon Detox drink will be part of my regular daily intake for a long time.
Allison Kerr, Melbourne, Vic
I started using the lemon detox diet more as a kick start diet and a way of detoxifying my system. Although I am not overweight by more than 5kg, I still wanted to lose a couple of kilo's before summer started. I used the lemon detox as a replacement for breakfast only and just by doing this I felt lighter and more energetic. It helped me lose the weight I wanted without feeling like I was dieting at all.
Margo Mouawad, Granville, Sydney
Hi, Since moving away from the family and friends I have put on quite a bit of weight from just eating and pretty much doing nothing. Since hearing about the lemon detox diet, I have been keen on clearing out the crapola in my system and also losing a bit of weight.
I Bought the detox diet and started to replace only a lunch and dinner with the detox. They say you should replace all meals with 6-9glasses a day. I found that drinking when hungry was good, but I drank it as a drink and it was great. Losing about 2-3kg was perfect for me. I didnt want to lose too much because then I would be a stick. But all in all, it was a great way for me to lose what I wanted in a small amount of time without having to do all the fitness stuff.
Kim Hong, Port Adelaide, South Australia
All I can say is the Lemon Detox Diet is great! I did the full ten days after hearing about it from my younger brother in England. I thought if he could do it so can I. The first two days were a little hard but only because you are used to eating. After that it was a breeze. I had so much energy, my nails stronger and I was losing at least 1/2 a kilo a day. It certainly gives your body the best detox available. I do it part time now. Normally 1 day per week just for a cleanse.
Vanessa, Berwick, Victoria
The Lemon Detox Diet is wonderful! I do a 3-4 day detox every 3 or so months. The diet along with healthy eating (most days!) and moderate exercise (30 minute walk 4 or 5 days a week) has helped me lose 6 kilos and keep it off over the last 13 months. I have managed to stay within the same weight (give or take 2 kilos here and there, like at Christmas time!) and have never been happier with my body.
I have tried numerous other 'diets' and none worked, or at least not in the long term. I highly recommend The Lemon Detox Diet as a way to get and stay in shape. Thank you!
Liz Shepherd, Melbourne, Victoria
I dont have a weight problem, however those extra few had creped up on me due to a change in my life (moving out of the family home). I quickly decided I had to do something about it, as it was getting me down. I could feel my bottom as I ran up the stairs, which wasnt something I was use to, or liked for that matter.
I did a three week detox, replacing breakfast and lunch with the lemon detox and eating a health dinner. I lost approx 3 kilos and felt amazing, the extra energy and confidence was unreal. What made it even better was that people around me started to realise and ask what I had been doing.
I am thinking seriously at making the lemon detox a regular part of my life, its so easy to mix up and run out the door, instead of making salads for lunch. Thanks again
Prue Richards, NSW
I have been on the Lemon Detox diet for 5 days and feel so much better. Not only I lost 5kg I have so much more energy which I need in my busy catering business. I have introduced the Lemon Detox in my office and all of them are truly happy with their results. I am using the Lemon Detox once a week or in the evenings instead of dinner. I sleep so much better and the next day I feel like a new person. Thank you so much for bringing the Lemon Detox to Australia. Absolutely love it.
Arnold Huber, Sydney Australia
Hi, my name is Steve.
I detoxed for around 3-4 weeks on and off replacing two meals a day.
I wanted to cleanse after to much drinking and good food.
I lost 3 Kg's in the first 2 days of using the Lemon Detox Diet.
It actually tastes really nice and I love the Cayenne Pepper hit. I found improvements in my skin and still had plenty of energy whilst on the program.
I would recommend the Lemon Detox Diet to anyone.
Steve, Sydney, Australia