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Breaking Food Addictions and Habits

I have done 2 lemon detoxes. The first one I did was on November 5 2009 and I did the 10 day detox and I loved it. After 3 days I felt on top of the world - I was sleeping better that I ever have in my whole life it was amazing - I was glowing and my hair looked amazing.

It also helped me to give up smoking, how good is that!! People could notice the differences and that made me feel even better. I also had and still have a lot more energy. I ended up losing 4 kilos and I have kept it off. I also noticed I don't crave junk food and food tastes so much better once you have finished detoxing.

After 10 weeks I did another 10 day detox starting on 15 February. I had the exact same results and I lost another 4 kilos. The lemon detox diet is great. Many of my friends have tried as a result of me raving about it and I will definitely do one every 6 months.

Thank you lemon detox!
Myquaila Carter, Adelaide
My first detox program was unbelievable! I was 10kg overweight, drinking 6-10 cups of coffee/tea per day and feeling miserable. I had decided that my life had to change and when I heard about the Lemon Detox Diet, I knew it was for me. My initial reason for doing the Detox was to cleanse my body and rid myself of my caffeine addiction, but what I experienced during the 10 day program and for the months following was far in excess of my expectations. I lost 10kg. I have not had a cup of coffee/tea in nearly a year. I found that I had boundless energy and this positive, and a glow that everyone seemed to comment on. I was even told that I could keep the same photo on my drivers licence from 5 years before when I went to renew!
If you are thinking of giving it a go, but are a little sceptical, then hopefully you will let go of your fear and try it. It will give you a new lease on life!
Michael Carlton, Brisbane
Until 6 months ago I was frustrated by continually trying to loose weight. I had tried all of the usual things without much success and my weight was creeping up to 68kg.

A friend had done the Lemon Detox Diet and was very pleased with the result, including weight loss. She told me how the drink stopped her from feeling hungry. I decided to use the Lemon Detox Drink to change eating habits and loose weight permanently.

I now have my main meal at lunch time and only the Lemon Detox Drink until bedtime - it is so easy. My weight has come down to 58 kg and even over the Christmas period - when I could not stick strictly to the new regime – it was easy to loose the couple of kilos gained. I have cut down on alcohol and find that this new drink dampens my craving for sweet things as well as nipping hunger in the bud.

I feel so much better with lots more energy and am taking on new challenges. Recently, for the first time, I competed in a 1 kilometre open water swim and came second in my age group (photo). I am recommending this diet to many of my similarly frustrated friends and they are reporting good results also.

Thank you for providing this simple and effective aid.
Sally Johnson,
I have done the Lemon-Detox Diet program twice now. Both times I did it for 5 days. The first time I did it was because I felt as though I was dragging myself around. I had a virus and just couldnt shake it. After 5 days on the Lemon-Detox I felt like a new person. I had lost weight; I had an abundance of energy and felt the best I had in years. The first 2 days were the hardest but after that I started to feel better each day. During this time I found I was smoking less so decided that I would do the Lemon Detox again and attempt to give up smoking the great news is I did it. I had no cravings as the Lemon Detox Diet sped up the elimination of the toxins. It has now been 2 months and I still have not had the urge to light up a cigarette. I AM A NON SMOKER thank you.
I recommend the Lemon-Detox to anyone. I am hooked and will be doing the program every six months.
Marion Fox, Queensland. Australia
I tried the lemon Detox Diet and it was very beneficial for me. I lost 14kgs, so I went from 105kgs to 91kgs. I got rid of those nasty toxins within the body. So what I found is that I lost that excess weight, my drinking ceased, I was getting very good night sleeps, and was eating well. The most beneficial was I felt good both body and mind. I exercised regularly and because my breathing was about 60 beat a minute average I was finding exercise enjoyable and challenging. Many people commented on my weight loss and how great I looked.

I of course went to South America for 2 month and got back into that nasty habit of drinking and eating. Who wouldn’t on holiday? And of course Christmas approached I was back to my nasty ways. I than called on the Lemon Detox Diet again. I undertook the diet for 10 days. 101kgs to 94kgs. Ihave not had a drink of alcohol in 9 weeks. I would only stress that lemon Detox Diet is there to detox the body of all those nasties. The rest is up to you if you wish to lead a better lifestyle.

This my great start to the year and a new lease of life. I recommend this Detox Diet. What do you have to lose!
Brian Little, Queensland
I first tried the Lemon Detox program late last year and it was fabulous. It tasted like a spicy iced tea and was very satisfying. Whilst I missed the sensation of chewing/crunching food I certainly was not hungry whilst on the diet. To my amazement I lost well over 5 kg in the 7 days, broke my habit of having wine each night and as an added bonus I no longer found myself sweating as much, nor was I as smelly. I felt great with all the Christmas parties to go to and fitting into clothes I hadnt worn for ages. I now plan to do the Lemon Detox every couple of months to keep me on track. Thank you so much!
Jo B, South Australia
I have been lemon detoxed and love it. Last November year 2007, I went on it for 8 days, my how easy was this, so so easy. 4 kilos later and 5cm off my waist I was feeling so good I started doing my sit ups again. I found that the lemon detox helped correct my eating habits. I now have no desire to eat poor food groups anymore.
Thank you to great radio advertising as this got me thinking about looking into this product. I now have 3 girls at work on lemon detox program at this moment. Thank you again.
Janette B Maxwell Harper, East Fremantle
Western Australia
Thank you so much. It really is a fantastic way to change your eating habits. I used to drink coke all day every day as well as first thing in the morning. I also ate junk food, I couldnt get enough of it, and I needed to lose my baby weight that I gained from having 2 kids. I did the detox for 6 days, I didnt get much side effects that I read about, just a headache on day two, I think I prepared myself for the worst of it which is good. I really feel great like I just had a shower, really clean and fresh. I think I have definitely kicked my caffeine addiction from the coke which I have been trying to do for 15 years.
Thanks again, I will definitely be doing this detox again, its easier than I thought it would be.
L.Scott, Melbourne,Victoria
Mother of two kids under 3 yrs old
I am an international student. I am a 30 year old drinker and smoker. I have been on the lemon detox program (22/08/08) for 8 days and I am finishing it in next 2 days and I feel incredibly good. Because I used to drink a lot ( almost every night ) and I smoke about one pack of cigarettes a day. I felt really bad because I have tried so many times to quit smoking but after taking part in lemon detox program, I almost dont want to smoke but I still smoke because of my habit.( I think ) but I really don't feel like to smoke... and I really want to take this time to quit. Even though I have not taken any solid food for 8 days I still feel energized. I have 20 hours of class per week and 20 hours part time work in a restaurant. Before taking lemon detox my friends always said that I'm stupid and It's harmful not taking any solid food for 10 days and I'll die but after taking the lemon detox program they asked me to order the product and many are considering to take it because I'm absolutely changed to a new person. I lose 4 kilo for 8 days and I feel more fresh than before. It's really hard for first 3 days but after that it's really amazing! I wish I could do it up to 14 days. It's totally changing my life.
Karn Phaola-Or, Sydney
I am a 53 year old father and have just completed the Lemon Detox Diet program.
Prior to taking the program I felt sluggish, lacking in motivation and energy. I was just feeling negative about everything.
I decided to stop drinking coffee and tea the day before commencing the detox as I was then drinking 8 mugs per day.
This cold turkey did result in headaches initially but by the end of the first day of detox program I was on track and feeling empowered.
For me the process took 7 days and during that time I cooked for the family, attended functions where food and alcohol was offered yet never once felt tempted.
During the whole experience my friends kept asking if I was hungry or missing my usual food and drink. Well I am proud to confess I never did. I havent felt this good since I was a teenager and still after 4 weeks am experiencing the same great feeling both physically and spiritually.
The process for me was wonderful. I felt and still feel energized with a clear head.
I am so excited about the detox I cant stop talking about it. As a result several of my friends and my son are purchasing it now.
I look good and have lost a total of 4 kilograms of weight from around my waist.
Now I have a desire to eat more fruit and vegetables and exercise. I dont take coffee and tea anymore and feel no desire to do so.
I can highly recommend this product and thats saying something from a former pessimist.
Ashley Day, Sydney Australia