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Comparison to Other Diet Programs

My name is Kate Winton and I am a model from South Australia.
Not being an overweight individual it was hard for me to lean out without bulking up! I had heard of the Lemon Detox Diet before but had never really thought about it so my girlfriend and I decided to give it a try.

By the third day I was springing out of bed before my alarm with a whole new lease on life. I even shed a couple of excess kilos that no other diet had been able to get rid of - and trust me i tried them all, soup diets, low carb, high protein etc!

After only five days on the program I lost 3kgs, my skin was glowing, I felt so good I didn’t want to start eating again! Words cannot describe what the cleansing from the lemon detox diet does to your system physically and mentally. I look & feel great with 100% more confidence in myself thanks to the lemon detox. I will definitely repeat this program.
Kate Winton, South Australia
"As a personal trainer for over 18 years now, I have seen and tried many different whiz bang products that claim to do this or that and really don’t deliver at all.

I have had several clients try the lemon detox and not finish it then a family I train all did it together and their results were unbelievable, mother father and son lost a combined 23 kgs in 7 days. They looked great and felt great so i thought now its my turn.

I found the detox terrific. I did it for the cleansing not the weight loss but even I managed to lose 3.5 kgs in 5 days and never once craved any food.

I have recommended this product to over 20 people now and the stories I get back are very very positive.

Everyone should do this detox twice a year for your own personal wellbeing and clean out what needs to come out of your body."
Nick Bilbija, Sydney, Australia
I was 67kg when I started with the lemon-detox! I did the six day detox program as directions on the website. In just a few days I lost four kilos INCREDIBLE!!! It's been a few weeks now since I finished the program and I am proud to say that I am now 56kg and have a large amount of energy in body!! as well as being able to sleep better than I used to. I can tell you truthfully that all those pills and fat burners you see on the market are a real waste of time and money cos' I have tried them all myself. I am very thankful to all the lemon detox crew for the help and support for all the information and for being there. Trust me!! It's the best thing you can do for yourself.
Sara Figueroa, Sydney, NSW
I have tried every diet & every detox under the sun and the Lemon Detox diet has given me the best results with ease. I am a couple of kilos lighter & I felt fantastic at the end of my detox. I never thought I would make it through a 7 day detox, but I did & I feel great. In fact, 2 of my work colleagues are giving it a go as they have seen my results. I cannot thank the lemon detox diet enough. Its GREAT!!
I have done the lemon detox twice, and will definitely do it again. I thought it would be much harder, but after the first day or two I don't even miss food! I was expecting to feel lethargic, but after staying on the detox for 7 days I feel fantastic, and actually more alert. There is also the bonus weight loss. I lost 8kgs in 7 days. It is undoubtedly the best detox I have ever done and would recommend it to everyone!
Anissa Carrodus, Melbourne, Australia
I first came across the Lemon Detox Diet program 18 months ago. I had heard of the Stanley Burroughs Diet before. A few people recommended it to me. I've done the Lemon Detox Diet for about 3 times now for a period longer than a week. I regularly do a detox, especially after a cold winter of comfort eating.
Each time I do it I lose weight quickly, up to 5 kilos in a week, I have ridiculous amounts of energy, people always comment on how my skin glows. I've also found that I don't miss eating, no hunger cravings, which is great. I really look forward to doing a detox because of the Lemon Detox Diet.
Roslyn Maxwell, Massage Therapist
0419 260 871
I found it hard to lose weight and detox through all exercise and other fad diets so I thought I would give the Lemon Detox Diet a go. That decision has changed my life.
I decided to detox for 7 days and started out at 120kg, after an easy 7 days I dropped 9.3kg to weigh in at an amazing 110.7.
I look and feel 110% better by losing that weight and cleaning out my system with the detox.
The Lemon Detox Diet is such a small price to pay for such fantastic results. The most expensive part for me taking the Lemon Detox Diet is that I now have to change my wardrobe which I do not have a problem in the world doing.
Im so happy with the results that Im ready to do another 7 day detox already as my ultimate goal is to reach below 99kg.
Mark Gibbons, Sydney, Australia
I went on the lemon detox diet for 7 days. I thought the Syrup would be awful but it has a refreshing taste. I had a mild headache on the third day but apart from that it was very easy. I never felt hungry which I found surprising as I have not lasted on shake diets before.
I lost 6 kilos in the week and did very little exercise. I felt a lot more energy. I am a smoker and was able to perform much better than usual at the gym and definitely noticed a rise in energy and concentration levels.
A.Drake, Sydney, NSW
Lemon Detox Diet is the best detox and the best diet I have ever tried before. I lost 9kg in 2 weeks and felt great! It was easy, pleasant and most important effective. Now I'm doing my Lemon Detox Diet every 6 months and loving it!
Ganna Sikalo, NSW
I would just like to say thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!! I absolutley love your Lemon Detox Diet. I have recommended it to everyone. It is the only detox that actually works and I felt so much energy on. I lost weight and my skin is glowing. I am so much more confident in myself and will continue to do the detox once a month to stay in shape.
Thankyou once again.
Cassandra Batsas, Victoria
Hi, Im Fiona Stanbury .. Just want everybody out there that is thinking about doing the lemon detox diet, and is in two minds about doing it. I really was worried about doing it because I thought, oh yeah another detox diet thing !!!!, Well I have to say, oh my god its the best thing I have done . I have been on plenty of detox diets before but have never had the energy like I have on this one, its the best, you have to try it.
I heard about it on the radio, and thought MMM wonder if I should try it, because every time I try something like this I always end up eating something I shouldnt and cant stick to it, always hungry!! etc!! . But anyway I tried it.. and I loved it. In the first week I lost 2.9kilo,s and wanted to do it for another week. I had so much energy running around at work doing so much more than Ive ever did. I think if you want to do something that is easy to stick to this is it. Go for it. Its easy and if I can do it anyone can. You will love the energy you have. Its the best..
Fiona, NSW, Australia
Hello everyone
Just to let you know that I have just finished 7 days on the diet - lost 6kgs!
After having plateaus on my previous diet and not losing a single gram, even while going to the gym nearly each day, I thought it was time for a try. Well, as you can see, it worked. Everyone is saying how well I look - eyes, hair, outlook, temperament, etc.
Thank you ever so much for making this diet available.
Best person regards and thanks,
Barb. Evans, Quakers Hill NSW 2763
Hi, my name is Kim and I'm 20 years of age. I heard about the lemon detox diet over the radio, and I liked what I had heard. After failing to keep on track with the many diets and detox programs I have tried, I decided to give the lemon detox diet a shot. Although the thought of eliminating solids from my diet was quite daunting at first... to my surprise, it was amazing. I must say, the 2nd or 3rd day of the detox was a little harder, adjusting to the 'no solids' rule and just taking in liquids only. However, it was a breeze after that!! I didn't feel hungry, and I had much more energy and felt more confident and happy about myself.. It was truly amazing. I completed the 7-day detox program, and I am now using it once a month or two. In addition, I lost 8kg in that week... which was absolutely surprising for me too!!
Kim Nguyen, Avondale Heights, Victoria
After doing the detox for 10 days I couldnt believe how good I felt. I had heaps more energy and felt truly alive and happy. I have tried many detoxes and found this the best one I have ever done. I lost 5 kilos over the 10 days, and I will be introducing the one day a week into my diet.
I have recommended it to all my family and friends
Gayle McKay, Western Australia
After Having tried so many different things, that failed miserably, to detox and to be honest, lose weight, I heard a radio ad for Lemon Detox Diet and thought I'd try it. The only thing I now regret is not going on this program before. I was on it only for 10 days and I lost 6 kg. I felt great and after only 2-3 days I felt so much better and my skin was noticeably clearer and smoother. The taste is great and I only felt occasionally hungry the first day or so.
In a few weeks I'm starting to use it again. I never thought I'd say so, but I actually can't wait to go on a diet. Because its not so much of a diet as it is a change of lifestyle that you know is better for you and is easy, tasteful, makes you feel great and gives you energy and motivation to keep going on because IT REALLY WORKS!!!
My advice to anyone. TRY IT!!! You won't regret it.
Ivana, New South Wales
I started with the 5 day detox program.
I new I was going to get a headache from not having caffeine, so I decided to cut back on coffee a few days prior(which helped), although I still got a small headache. I didnt feel sick and I was really surprised how easy it was to stay on the program, (Ive been on all of them). I lost a kilo per day (total 5 kilos) and I have more energy and feel stronger. I have kept the weight off for 3 months now, so thankyou lemondetox.
Lynda, Central Coast, NSW
I have completed the lemon detox diet twice now and have had great results after both times. Overcoming the hunger 'pangs' is not as hard as you think, as the lemon detox drink fills you up when you have it and the drink can be altered to suit your taste. I find a diet like this a lost easier to stick to because you dont eat - therefore you can't eat the wrong things, which I am prone to do when I snack. Both times I have done the diet I have lost weight and kept it off, its a great way to kick start an improved lifestyle and I found when I finished the diet I felt so refreshed that I wanted to stick to a new living plan. The lemon detox diet is definitely a product that I will continue to use on a regular basis.
Tanya, Sydney, NSW, Australia
I have used the Lemon Detox many times with amazing results. I have also tried loads of other detox and diet programs, with varying degrees of success. However, if I want quick results I know that nothing beats the Lemon detox!
Within a week I have better concentration and higher energy levels. The first time I tried the Lemon Detox, I considered these things to be a bonus, because I was most interested in the fact that I had lost so much weight.. Now I often do the cleanse just to feel better, and the weight loss is the bonus!
It is really not that hard. I usually make up the days supply in the morning, and sip on cups of it throughout the day. When I am out I glug on my bottle whenever I feel tempted by food, and any cravings I have disappear. I really enjoy the detox now, as I recognise each of the cleansing steps and anticipate the results.
I would thoroughly recommend the Lemon detox to anyone who wants to break bad habits, look and feel better.
Rachel Goldie, Victoria
I have been delightfully astonished with the Lemon Detox Diet. I have tried many others without success and have never felt better having been on the Lemon Detox for 7 days and just completing the 3days of follow up regime. I have experienced a great feeling of well being, clarity and calmness as well as having heaps of energy. I have enjoyed many different things during the detox week long herbal baths by candlelight, music and reading and a greater appreciation for all things. Have played golf most days and continued my business with increased focus. I HAVE ALSO LOST 4 KILOS. I would like others to experience this wonderful programme and for this reason am offering a Lemon Detox Week at my luxury B&B Jois de Vie in the Hunter Valley at a 5 star resort. The week will include the full programme, all supplied and prepared for you, The Lemon Detox Book- A Rejuvenation Sensation ,( which has been my bible) a massage and private yoga session and the use of 3 swimming pools, golf, tennis courts, gym and tranquil setting overlooking the trees, lake and mountains. There is also a Day Spa available for further treatments. Please enquire re costing.
I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU WILL BE A NEW YOU! I feel thinner, more alert, more focused and just fabulous! Yes, people have commented. It has been a great beginning to greater weight losses and new lifestyle.
Helen Pickering, Villa Jois de Vie
Hunter Valley NSW
P: 02 4993 1610 M: 0428 860446
E: helen.pickering@bigpond.com.au
Lemon Detox is the best of all the natural detox diets.
I used it for 5 days and I felt very light after the course, and I lost about 4 kgs which is exactly what I was looking for. But you really need to stick on to it as per the course, and this improved my dedication and concentration.
Do it and you will feel the benefits from it.
Krishna Oruganti, Sydney
The Lemon Detox Diet is wonderful! I do a 3-4 day detox every 3 or so months. The diet along with healthy eating (most days!) and moderate exercise (30 minute walk 4 or 5 days a week) has helped me lose 6 kilos and keep it off over the last 13 months. I have managed to stay within the same weight (give or take 2 kilos here and there, like at Christmas time!) and have never been happier with my body.
I have tried numerous other 'diets' and none worked, or at least not in the long term. I highly recommend The Lemon Detox Diet as a way to get and stay in shape. Thank you!
Liz Shepherd, Melbourne, Victoria
Originally I was planning to do the detox for 5 days as the thought of any more without food seemed impossible. I am now on day 6 and just ordered another weeks worth because I don't want to stop!
I never felt weak or had headaches, was sometimes a bit hungry on the first day or two, but only as much (or less) than on other diets that let you eat 4 / 5 meals a day.
Surprisingly, the best thing about it is the relief from all that worry and frustration of what you can and can't eat, how long you have to wait between each meal and how much extra exercise you'll have to do if you eat something wrong. With the lemon detox, you just drink your juice (as much as you want whenever you want), and get on with your day! I don't even think about the food I'm missing anymore, and don't want to stop!
Kristina, Sydney, NSW