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Hunger and Taste

I recently returned from Europe where I spent a lot of time sight seeing and eating! After putting on a few kilos in their freezing winter I returned to the warm weather in Melbourne and could not face wearing my bikini. I thought I would try the Lemon Detox Diet as I had heard some good things about it. After a week of only taking it on a part time basis I had lost 3 kilos and was very happy. I was also surprised by the taste of the Lemon Detox Diet. It's actually quite nice, like a mild Iced Tea! It's also great for when you are busy running around. You can just pour it into a drink bottle and take it with you in the car. The best part is that while taking it I am never hungry. I have just bought a second bottle because I am doing so well on it. Regards
Octavia, Melbourne
The Lemon Detox diet has been great for me. I use it when I need to lose a few, and on it, I feel great, I still go to the gym and I find I have the same energy levels. It makes me feel refreshed and really cleansed, and there is no feelings of hunger. I have recommended it to all my friends. I strongly suggest everyone tries it.
Sharon Akkanen, Peakhurst,
36 years old
Thank you for your wonderful product. I have lost 6kg in 10 days, I feel much younger and more energetic. Its my second fasting in 6 months. First time, I lost 5 kg in 10 days. I will try to use lemon detox on a regular basis every 3 months because it helps me a lot to deal with my age related health problems. I am 58 years old and like most women of this age, I have weight problems and arthritis. I deeply believe in good cleansing and detoxing, as I did it before with juices and grapes to keep my problems under control. But now I can tell that nothing works better than the lemon detox. There is no hunger, no side effects, and I can see results immediately.
Thank you again.
Larisa, Coogee, Sydney
I was very happy with the result I gained for the lemon detox diet. My skin glowed, I had lots of energy, and lost a few kgswhich I have kept off. I am recommending it to a friend and we will be doing it together in a couple of weeks. After the festive season a good cleanse for the body is well needed! Initially I didnt think I would be able to do it.not eating anything for 7 daysbut found that I wasnt hungry with the mixture. Initially the taste was a little strange but I got used to it and actually enjoyed it. Am actually looking forward to feeling great after doing it again!
Sylvia Cerven, Marketing Communications Specialist,
Melbourne, Australia
I have been using lemon detox diet as a regular part of my diet when on the go and not able to fit in regular meal breaks. I just love it. The taste is pleasant and it keeps me energized until my next meal. Although i am not looking to lose weight the enhanced energy levels I experience are great and would recommend highly.
Kathleen, Victoria
I went on the lemon detox diet for 7 days. I thought the Syrup would be awful but it has a refreshing taste. I had a mild headache on the third day but apart from that it was very easy. I never felt hungry which I found surprising as I have not lasted on shake diets before.
I lost 6 kilos in the week and did very little exercise. I felt a lot more energy. I am a smoker and was able to perform much better than usual at the gym and definitely noticed a rise in energy and concentration levels.
A.Drake, Sydney, NSW
I just wanted to say Thank you!! I honestly thought that this was just a gimmick being advertised on the radio, but after trying it for 6 days, I have lost 5 kilos, haven't been hungry at all and was not grumpy like I thought I would be once!!! I was a little hesitant about eating again though at first, but after reading all the comments on how people have kept the weight off, I am just going to slowly introduce food back like you recommend and see how I go. Thanks again! I feel great!!!
Erin Brindle, NSW Australia
Hello, I used the lemon detox for the first time and found it to be a great benefit. I was worried about feeling very hungry after not eating for 5 days but surprisingly my appetite was suppressed by drinking the lemon detox drink. After completion, I found that my sense of taste had dramatically improved, my skin felt better and I lost a total of 5kg. Thankyou
Simone Keleher, Melbourne
I completed the full two week program of the lemon detox diet and loved it! I found the lemon detox diet mix was a really enjoyable taste, and so easy. I made up the days worth each night for the next day, as i get up really early for work. I kept some in the fridge at home and took a big one litre bottle to work with me, it was so simple... and really nice to not have to organise dinner and think about meals at all. I found myself really focused on the detox and didn't crave solid food at all, no one could believe it but it's true! The drink is really quite filling and gave me plenty of energy.
I lost around seven kilos on the detox and was really pleased. I will definitely be going on the lemon detox program again... very soon... I think I might do it every six months or so, just to keep myself feeling good... I loved it and everyone should give it a go!
Kate, Heathridge, Western Australia
I did the lemon detox a few months ago for 10 days and was absolutely thrilled with the results! Not only did I lose 5kg but I felt the best I have ever felt. It was much easier doing it for 10 days than I initially thought because I never got hungry or felt like I needed food. I have had numerous comments about how I looked that I have recommended the product to many of my friends who have received the same successful results. Great for anyone who wants to feel great or lose weight!
Monique S, Enfield, South Australia