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My Wedding Dress

I have never been one to diet. Aged 27, I have always loved my food but have always kept relatively active therefore my weight was always stable, at around 75kg, and standing at 5’8’’ I was always happy with my weight.

But after hurting my knee playing football a year ago my activity levels went down and my weight slowly crept up. I was engaged to be married and nearing our wedding date in November 2009, I realised I was tipping the scales at 83kg- my highest weight of all time! I definitely wasn’t comfortable with that number and of course wanted to look the best for my wedding.

So thinking of a way that I could shed some kilos fast I recalled the TV advertisements for the Lemon Detox Diet and decided to give it a go. My friends all told me I couldn’t do it but I was adamant I’d stick to the detox and shed my unwanted kilos. I must admit, I was a little worried about feeling hungry throughout the week but all those concerns disappeared as soon as I started the diet. The first day was probably the hardest- getting used to not being able to indulge in my usual high-carb, meat-fuelled diet, but I actually didn’t even feel hungry by the end of the day as I’d expected and my energy levels had maintained also.

By the second day I couldn’t believe I’d already dropped a kilo and felt happy, energetic and motivated to continue. I kept up my usual exercise routine of cardio and weights every second day and after seven days on the Lemon Detox Diet I dropped an amazing eight kilos!

Everybody I knew complimented me on how good I looked and I felt fantastic. My new weight of 75kg was my ideal weight and I looked great in my tailor-made suit for the wedding and honeymooning in Vanuatu was a much more enjoyable experience than it would’ve been if I were eight kilos heavier.

I had no problem ripping off my singlet and jumping in our resort pool! I have recommended the Lemon Detox Diet to everybody I know- the results are just amazing. I’m so happy I made the call and can honestly say it changed my life and made my wedding day much more memorable.
Scott McGeachin, Victoria
Thank you so much for bringing Lemon Detox to Australia. I have tried many other detox programs and I have to say Lemon Detox is the best of them all. Not only did it help to cleanse my system but also help me to maintain and control my weight. It may seem very difficult when people say you can't eat anything and have to live on liquid for 7 days, however when I tried it I wasn't tired or had any kind of withdrawal. The detox gave me ultimate energy to do my daily activities, my skin glowed beautifully. I have lost 7 kilos in 7 days and have recommended it to all my friends. I am getting married in a few months time and with the help of Lemon Detox I am able to fit into my beautiful wedding dress.
Thank you Lemon Detox!
Kiem, Bride to be in Sydney
Thank you Madal Bal ! I first tried the Lemon Detox Diet in the lead up to my wedding after hearing about it on the radio. As a mum of 2 my weight had crept to 68kg. I ultimately lost 16kg over a period of 8 months. When people ask me how I did it, I always credit the Lemon Detox Diet as my "kick start". Admittedly, the first day of the Lemon Detox is the most difficult but I will never regret sticking to the plan. The results came so quickly and by the 3rd day it was easy. After my initial 5kg loss from the 7 day Lemon Detox Diet, I felt like a different girl. I was so energised, confident and motivated to achieve more. I joined my local ladies gym and kept up a healthy eating plan. I will never regret using the Lemon Detox Diet. I had ordered a Size 12 wedding dress but I walked down the aisle in a Size 8. I am about to start the Lemon Detox Diet for the second time to shed those unwanted Xmas kilos and give myself another kick start for a shapely 2008. I am sure that the Lemon Detox Diet will benefit anybody whatever your situation or goals. I recommend you try it now!
Nicole, 32, Sydney, NSW
The lemon detox diet really helped get my dieting on track. I was getting ready for my wedding and really wanted to do something to get healthy, detox, and kick my system into gear. I did the lemon detox diet for 5 days once per month for two months. I have now lost approximately 8 kilos and it's staying off! My healthy eating plan is even more successful than ever before. I couldn't have done it without lemon detox.
Kate, NSW
I detoxed for 7 -10 days , I lost 9.5kgs and I have never looked back since I feel and look a million dollars with my weight being 52kg at the present time. I have just fitted into a beautiful Mariana Hardwick gown which I purchased 10 years ago (size 8). My husband and everyone who saw me were for the first time in 23 years speechless.
I have more energy now than I did when I was 25 years old. I have taken up dancing, running and both my husband and I have met an entire new group of wonderful and exciting people thanks to the Lemon Detox Diet and now I am feeling and looking great.
My gorgeous husband is so impressed with my excess energy and the restoration of my will to live life to its fullest we plan to purchase the lemon detox again so that he can go on to the programme.
The hardest part was getting through the first day, once you had, by the third day you dont want to get off it. I have recommended it to all my family and friends and to anyone out there who needs to feel good and look a million dollars.
Suzanna Kralevski, Melbourne AUSTRALIA
Just a note to let you know how happy I am having the lemon detox. It done wonders for me. I feel great, lost weight and look good in my outfits. I have recommended the lemon detox to my daughter and 2 sisters and they all agree how great it works.
Mary Pace, Melbourne