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Eliminating toxins from your body is the key to a successful diet. Proper elimination will ensure that the toxins in your body will be released efficiently .Waste in your body that is not continuously removed will be reabsorbed through your system.

Try to have at least a couple of bowel movements per day. To assist with this, a mild laxative herbal tea is recommended. Drink one cup of the tea in the evening before bed and the sea salt water in the morning.

Drink the sea salt water first thing in the morning. You should be attending the bathroom within half an hour. If you do not have a bowel movement after the sea salt drink, try drinking a little more or adding a little more sea salt.

Any problems which occur during the Lemon Detox Diet are usually the result of inefficient elimination.

Try to start the diet on days where you are least active so that you can have adequate rest if required. The weekend is a great time to start.

Liquid intake
Countless problems may arise if insufficient liquid is taken during the Lemon Detox Diet. You should be drinking at least 3-4 litres of liquid ( 2 litres detox drink + at least  1-2 litres of water ) per day.

If you have had previous migraines or severe headaches in the past you may encounter these symptoms on the program.

Usually these symptoms will go away after a few days with sufficient elimination. If you are not eliminating properly or not drinking enough fluids these headaches may persist. Most problems which occur during the Lemon Detox Diet are usually the result of inefficient elimination.

Keep drinking plenty of water on the Lemon Detox Diet program. If you feel that you cannot persist and the headaches are too strong you should consult a medical practitioner.

Brushing your skin
Brushing your skin helps the elimination process by increasing blood flow and perspiration of toxins through the skin. Lightly brush over your skin with a loofah or brush.

Sea - Salt Water Drink
You may have several bowel movements within the hour. Make sure that you have enough time to eliminate before heading out for the day or alternatively you can wait till you reach your destination to do the sea salt water flush.

The sea salt water drink should be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not take the sea salt water drink in the evening.

You should be drinking as much of the 1 litre sea salt water as you can. If you do have a bowel movement within the first hour, you’re drinking enough.

If you are drinking less and you do not have a bowel movement within the hour you need to drink more sea salt water or add more salt.

If you are uncomfortable with the sea salt drink there are two options.

1. Drink a glass (200ml) of warm water then have a small shot of the sea salt (2 tea spoons) with a little water. Then drink the remainder of the litre of warm water (800ml). This should mix in your system and create a bowel movement. This way you do not have to taste the whole one litre of the sea salt water drink.

2. Substitute the sea salt with a cup of laxative tea. The effects are not as strong as the sea salt drink but it should create a bowel movement during the day.

The sea salt water drink is not recommended for people with high blood pressure.

Can I change the mix of the Lemon Detox Drink?
You may slightly alter the mixing quantities of your detox drink.

If you feel that the taste of the syrup is too sweet or strong you may add water to the recommended mixing quantities. For example if you want to add another half a litre of water to your recommended 2 litre batch to reduce the concentration of the syrup you may, but just remember that you will have to drink an extra half a litre ( i.e. 2 extra glasses of the detox drink ).Remember the most important part of the detox drink is to consume the three and a half lemons and the 140ml of syrup per day. So, it may take you 7 glasses or 10 glasses but as long as you drink this portion per day.

If you feel that  you have put too much cayenne pepper in the mix, you can slightly reduce the amount. An extra pinch of pepper can make the drink taste more zingy. If you are totally uncomfortable with cayenne pepper then you may substitute the pepper for ginger.

If you are feeling especially hungry, are being very physically active or have a high metabolism then you may wish to add more syrup to the mix. Try adding the syrup in a 3:2 or 4:2 ration to the lemon juice. Remember that the actual syrup is liquid food.

Find a mix that works for you. Some people like more syrup in the mix, some less.

Bad taste in the mouth
Rinse your mouth and brush your tongue regularly. Drinking peppermint tea will also help. Peppermint tea especially supports the cleansing process, cleanses the palate and neutralizes any mouth or body odours that may arise

Concluding the Program
The most common mistake is to eat too much too soon.
Since the digestive system has been resting for five to ten days, treat it carefully and considerately at the conclusion of the program. The transition from The Lemon Detox drink to regular food has to be undergone steadily.

Most people concluding the program will not feel a huge urge to eat to much. The most common mistake is to eat too much too soon. Listen to your body. It will let you know if you are eating too quickly too soon.

You should gradually return to balanced eating over three or four days.

Day 1 after the detox: Stick with fresh squeezed fruit juices.
Day 2 after the detox: Start the morning with juice and then try some pureed vegetable soup for lunch.
Day 3 after the detox: Steamed or raw vegetables. Do not eat any meat, fish, eggs, bread and sweets and do not drink soft drinks during the first three days.
Day 4 after the detox: Start eating "normally" again.

If you are coming off a shorter version of the diet you should be able to do so in one day but listen to your body. You will know if you are coming off too fast. Take your time. You will probably notice that your taste buds are much more alive after cleansing and you will really enjoy the taste and energy of juices, soups, and then vegetables. 

You can download this information as a PDF document by clicking here.

Vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, feeling cold sometimes occur when you undergo detox. Many of these symptoms arise from not keep hydrated. Symptoms will usually persist if the elimination process is not productive and bowel movements are lacking. Proper elimination ensures toxins are well on their way to being eliminated from your body. The more fluid in your body the better the elimination process will be as it is the fluid that caries away all of the dissolved toxins in your body and this ensures that the waste material will not be too concentrated in the organs of elimination. Supplementary fluid also keeps the body hydrated during the cleanse. As soon as the toxins have left the body, balance is restored.

However if the symptoms last longer than a few days you should consult a medical practitioner.

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