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Having paid for a couple of 14 day detox packs for myself and a friend I received my package within the 2-5 work day period. Unfortunately I found a couple of items missing, so emailed the sales team. Within minutes I received a reply from Sally McGregor confirming that I double check my package making sure that I hadn't overlooked anything.
Over a number of emails (mainly from myself, due to not understanding completely how the packages were to be received), I had found that I was missing far more than I originally thought, saving me a lot of hassle later on.
From there I managed to get in contact with Sally via phone and got everything sorted within less than a minute, with my missing items being sent the following day.

I have around 10 years experience in the management of a number different customer service teams and am very happy/eager to express my gratitude towards Sally and her extremely professional manner. Her emails/phone conversations were clear and easy to read/understand, and her attitude was brilliant! I haven't even had time to start the detox program, but my feedback to others so far will be nothing but positive due to the great customer service I have received.
I would be happy to have her on any of my teams and think she is a true asset to your company.
Joe Kilduff,
I have never detoxed or done anything of the sort before until I heard the advertisement months ago. A lot of people were so against what I was doing, because you do cut out eating and people seem to freak out completely.
Day 3 - morning i was still feeling quite ordinary and sickish, but I was determined to go another couple of days before I gave up.
You read so many mock up advertisements how good something is and they really rave on about it, but I can honestly swear THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!
I have not felt so good in 2 years. After suffering from stress for a long period, my body went into turmoil and I was suffering from hair loss, weight gain, etc, I feel so good about myself and now my friends are also commenting on how much weight I\'ve lost and how good I\'m looking(the ones who were dead against this) are now asking for the website so they too can order some Madal Bal Syrup.
I'm glad I've discovered this and can now reassure everyone "NO YOU DON'T DIE" from not eating ...
But honestly, I truly am grateful and am a very happy customer.
Linda Sullivan, Victoria, Australia
Just like to tell you about the results I have had.
I have done the Lemon Detox program twice now in a space of 4 months and found it very beneficial both times.
The second time I was more prepared and actually found it very easy once day 2 had passed and continued the diet for 10 days I have been thru a recent marriage break up and got down in the dumps feeling sorry for myself & drinking alcohol most nights.
I undertook the diet hoping it would help me get my life back on track & it did. After the first few days of feeling pretty awful I then began to get this surge of energy.
My thinking was much clearer and I was a lot more positive. And another bonus it helped me lose weight. I had been exercising regularly but could lose the weight I wanted but after the diet I lost 4-5 kgs and was the slimmest I had been for 17 years!
It's just so good for your body to give it a rest from all day to day food & drink and to build new healthy habits
Thanks & I will continue to recommend this great easy to use detox.
Wayne Maddren, Victoria
I did the lemon detox program for 7 days and I was absolutely amazed at the benefits and how easy it was.
Initially I was sceptical and I was freaked out at the thought of going without food for 7 days. The first day was a little challenging but after the second day I was full of energy and to my surprise I was not hungry as the drink literally made me full. Not only did I lose 3 kilos and increase my energy levels, my skin became clearer and my eyes were sparkling. But most of all I have regained confidence in myself and I am proud of what I was able to achieve with the help of the lemon detox diet. I now plan to re do the program and I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone.
A small price to pay for feeling on top of the world!
F.E, Perth,WA