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Cost Savings

The Lemon Detox program was a great investment for me. I am or should I say was a big eater and spent heaps of money on socialising and eating rubbish foods. It was tough on day one but after that it was exciting to see my body and mind change.
I honestly felt rejuvenated and full of energy and clarity. Not only did I lose the excess weight but I also lost my habits on wasting money which will save me thousands of dollars in the long run. To people out there, if you are looking for a way to save money on your eating habits, the lemon detox program is a great way to do it. I now eat less, almost do not drink alcohol and the most important thing that came out of this for me was the clarity of thought which guides me to an improved lifestyle.
Belinda, Sydney
I have been on the Lemon Detox program on and off for the past few months.
3 days on, 3 days off and feel fantastic. As an added bonus, I have also lost 12kg down to a much more comfortable 79kg which is just on my ideal weight. I found no problems sticking to the diet program, found the flavour very palatable and would recommend to anybody who has a busy lifestyle and as I used to eat out every night, I have saved a fortune!
Darrell Barnett CMM, New South Wales
I have spent a lot of money on a lot of diets over the past few years however nothing has worked as well as the lemon detox diet program. The first day was a little tough however by the second day my cravings had vanished and I was able to do the whole 7 days without any problems. The best thing about the lemon detox program is that I didn't experience the dizzy lethargic feeling that I have felt on almost every other diet I have tried. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the lemon detox program to anybody!
Kathleen, NSW
I have been an advocate of the lemon detox program for about 2 years now. I do it every 4-6 months.
I can honestly say that this has been the best money spent on my body. In the process of my detox programs I have managed to save thousands of dollars on food and drink. A hundred dollars has transformed me and I have changed my lifestyle for the better. I now eat less frequently, apposed to every chance I used to get, I feel so good on the inside and outside. I am more aware of what I eat and the best of all I am satisfied with half of what I used to eat. The lemon detox diet program has also helped me gain confidence as I was always worried about my appeal. The weight reduction was fantastic but I was so overwhelmed with my complexion, energy levels, and a feeling of pure happiness.
It is not one of those diets (tried many), that once you complete you go back to how you were. This program kick started me into a routine and months after coming off the program I still felt as good as I was on the program. I choose to carry out the program every 4-6 months to give me an inner cleanse and help maintain the most positive results I have achieved.
I used to weigh 100kg and this is the first time in 7 years that I am weighing under 85kg for the past 2 years.
Cannot praise enough.
John Bruce, Western Australia
I work in a large company in WA where I pack orders overnight. For the past several months I have been lapsing in my concentration with increased mistakes in packing. I tried so hard to concentrate but the long hours drained me out.
I was introduced to the lemon detox program by a friend of mine who done real well. I did the 7 day program without much dilema. I set myself a goal and before I knew it 7 days had passed. I was not to concerned about the weight loss but I needed an intense freshen up.
I have to say that since I completed the detox program 1 month ago I have never felt this good in a long time. I feel clear headed and my mistakes at work are never to be seen. My concentration levels are so focal and the detoxing has improved my work skills. I feel alive and tempted to say that I have reduced my 4 hour work time to 3 and a half hours due to my increase in concentration levels. I cannot believe of such a rapid change and it is clearly reflected in my work.
My energy levels have also increased as I do not feel tired anymore when leaving work. Such a small price to pay for an overwhelming product.
Trevor Smith, Western Australia
I found it hard to lose weight and detox through all exercise and other fad diets so I thought I would give the Lemon Detox Diet program a go. That decision has changed my life.
I decided to detox for 7 days and started out at 120kg, after an easy 7 days I dropped 9.3kg to weigh in at an amazing 110.7.
I look and feel 110% better by losing that weight and cleaning out my system with the detox.
The syrup is such a small price to pay for such fantastic results. The most expensive part for me taking the Lemon Detox Diet program is that I now have to change my wardrobe which I do not have a problem in the world doing.
Im so happy with the results that Im ready to do another 7 day detox already as my ultimate goal is to reach below 99kg.
Mark Gibbons, Sydney, Australia