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My name is Lynelle Leighton and I run the Brisbane based production ABBALIVE - Australia's Premier ABBA Show.

As you can imagine, playing the part of the blonde Agnetha is very difficult when I love food so much but have to squeeze into white lycra every weekend! After Christmas I was feeling like I had bricks inside of me and my whole system was completely congested and sluggish.

I saw the lemon detox advertised on TV and thought it was a complete gimmick but I thought I'd give it a go. I lost 6 kgs in 11 days and was so proud of myself. The third day was the worst - shakes, lethargy, dizziness, headaches, then on day 4 I sprang out of bed and had so much energy! It was exhiliarating!

As a result my system feels fabulous, I have a 25 year old boyfriend who says my skin and eyes have never been clearer (I am 40) and people tell me I look about 28.

I feel fabulous. Now my Bjorn has done the diet and also lost 6 kgs, and the drummer is about to start.
Lynelle Leighton, Managing Director
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the Lemon Detox program. I was very sceptical about this program, until a friend did it. When I saw how much energy she had and how beautiful her skin was, I had to try it.
I actually tried it to see if it would clear up my hands. My hands were so dry and itchy and bleeding the week before I started and for the first time in years they looked and felt beautiful.
In addition, my spots cleared up, my blackheads disappeared and my pores closed up on my face. Someone at work actually asked if I was pregnant as I was glowing. I looked the opposite of pregnant however as I lost 5 kilos! (I am 5\"7 and have always weighed about 61kg, so I dropped to 56kg)
I was concerned about muscle loss as I train at the gym regularly, but I believe I maintained my muscle and as I lost weight and was leaner my muscles were actually more defined.
I also do taekwondo. I took the week off as I wanted to concentrate on my body and taekwondo can be quite strenuous. My increased energy levels are so noticeable that three other people at my club are starting the detox this week.
Sally Banyai, Docklands, Victoria
What can I say, I LOVED IT! I have recommended it to everyone I know and at least 8 people who have done the detox since I have (which was in March), all of them noticed how well it worked with me so gave it a shot themselves.

The first 4 days I lost 3 kilos and felt like a million dollars. Had a break over the weekend and got right back into it the following Monday for a further 4 days, in which I lost a further 3 kilos.

My exercise regime kicked in, felt more energetic and of course a lot lighter. My skin looked like clear clean glass whilst on the detox, it was amazing.

I now attempt to do the detox every month and a half for a couple of days.

I would like to thank the Lemon Detox, it's the only thing that has given me any motivation to loose weight, exercise and be conscious of what I eat.
Stefania Marotta, NSW
After doing the detox program for 14 days, I could not believe the results I got especially after being so hesitant to try it in the first place. I lost 7.5kg and feel absolutely fabulous. My skin is glowing, I feel so energized and being a vegetarian this is very rare for me. My friends and clients keep asking me if I am pregnant again because I have a glow to me but seeing how much I have slimmed down, they know it is the detox program that I have to thank and are all extremely anxious in trying it themselves. The detox is the best thing that I have done for my body and recommend that everyone should do it.
Hava Huner, Melbourne, Australia
Massage Therapist - Email: Hav-a-massage@hotmail.com
The Lemon Detox Diet was an invigorating experience. I feel a million dollars! I lost 4 kilos. I got to my goal weight and now have more energy and less weight.

I was amazed with the results and it was quite easy to stick to. What a fabulous feeling. I’ve never seen my skin so glowing and so smooth.
Brooke Bentley, Sydney
I completed a 10 day program in October 2007 and lost 5 kilos. Ever since I supplement one glass every couple of days, my energy levels have increased, my nails are stronger and my skin has improved. It is also perfect for the day after a big night, rather than greasy food. I drink the lemon detox drink all day or until I feel better.
Its funny but once you come off the detox, the benefits start as I have maintained and even lost another 1 kilo. I am continually being told at work that I look great.
Thank you and I would recommend the lemon detox program to anyone.
Vivien Angelis, Sydney Australia
How fabulous is this product!!!
Not only do I have more energy throughout the whole day but my complexion and hair look great. Added to this, I have also lost a total of 8kgs in 10 days. My success has encouraged work colleagues to try the Lemon Detox Diet program, with the same terrific results!!. Highly recommended.
Patricia, Victoria
I had an extremely positive experience with the Lemon Detox plan and have recommended it to lots of people. I loved the taste, a bit like a spicy iced tea. I lost 6kg. I feel fabulous and to my amazement I dont have smelly armpits any more - how excellent is that?!!
JB, Campbelltown, South Australia
I started the Lemon Detox Diet program on Sunday. By Wednesday I was feeling 10 years younger, 2.7 kilos lighter, large pores on my face had closed and my skin was brighter over all. People were commenting on my appearance and I still have 3 days to goa little will power is required but with the early positive results it was easy to continue and I will be making this a regular part of my regime in the future.
Lisa B., Blue Mountains NSW
I have been using the Lemon Detox program for some time now. My main use for the Lemon Detox program is to give my body a super cleanse once a month. I found that since I have been doing this, my skin and hair look and feel great.
I have recommended the programme to many of my friends and a few of them have tried it and will agree with me 100%.
Maria, Sydney, Australia
I was a bit worried as to what the lemon Detox program would taste like. After reducing the amount of cayenne pepper, I found it quite nice. I was able to drink the required amount daily, along with water too. I pushed myself to do a 2 hour workout at the gym.
Surprisingly, I found I had heaps of energy. The reason I chose the diet was yes, to lose a bit of weight but I only lost 2kg. I was amazed what it did for my skin. I have bad back skin, probably due to an addiction of Coke Zero. After completing the first couple of days, I noticed a difference in skin tone, and then my skin was glowing. I havent had skin like this where I dont need make-up to cover scaring and spots for so long. I plan to Detox at least once a month.
Thank you Lemon Detox Diet. And thank you, I no-longer have the need for a 600ml bottle of Coke Zero daily either.
Shelley De Courcy, Bensville, NSW
I was recommended the lemon detox program by a friend who thoroughly enjoyed it and experienced great energy. I am a big eater and was concerned I would be hungry but I liked the idea of the light feeling my friend described to me. The first day I was a little lethargic but was relieved to not feel hungry at all. I awoke the next morning feeling better and determined to keep going. By the fourth day I really felt great and my energy levels were way up. When my colleagues were at their desks eating I would go on a 5km walk. By this time friends were constantly commenting on how radiant I was looking. I continued on through the fifth and sixth day looking forward to some light vegetable soup at the end of the tunnel. Since then three of my colleagues have begun the program and I find that I am jealous of how they look and feel. I have now purchased a second order of the Lemon Detox Diet as I plan on doing one day a week or doing the relaxed version. Oh yeah and I lost 5 kilos along the way! Regards,
Kate Vanson, Melbourne, Victoria
Thank you Lemon Detox. I am never been overweight myself, always size 8. I've heard so many peoples used your product and they very happy with the results from lost weight to skin complexion ,energy.....for me I wanted to test it mainly for my skin and the result is excellent, before Lemon Deter diet I used to have pimples here and there from time to time ,it has been 2 and 1/2 months since my last used Lemon Detox I don't have any pimples at all and very happy with my skin complexion. Thank you
Ti Ti, Glen Waverley, Victoria
I found the use of MADAL BAL - Lemon Detox very beneficial, not only for detoxing, but I have so much more energy and my skin is looking dewy. When I'm on the Lemon Detox program, I do get many compliments on my overall appearance.
Annie, Queensland
I have done the detox program twice, the 7 days of no eating was so effective, the first time I did it, was difficult at first and I struggled not to think about eating but once I got used to not thinking about food I found the experience most enjoyable and loved that I could last days without eating and still feel normal or even better than normal. The second time I did it was so much easier than the first and I felt fantastic, had so much energy, my skin was glowing and my hair felt so much more alive than before and the week breezed by with none of the initial side effects I had felt before.
I would recommend the detox and I have to everyone. If you're looking to lose weight, improve your lifestyle or like me just wanted to get rid of all the toxins that we consume on a daily basis then this is definitely the way to go!
I completed the 7 day Lemon Detox Diet last week and I feel fantastic. I lost 5kgs, my skin is glowing, my energy levels are higher than ever. On the first two days I really struggled with headaches and body aching, but then after that I felt great!! I had more energy than ever to bounce out of bed every morning and go for a power walk for 1 hour. On the 4th day I awoke feeling better than ever. It was the first Detox that I have ever done and it was a lot easier than what I thought it would be because I didnt feel tired or hungry at all. I had comments from so many people that my skin looked better and that I was just glowing.
I will definitely be doing to Detox for another 7 days later in the year. I will look at doing them Quarterly, or at least half yearly from now on.
I recommend this to ANYONE and everyone, my family and friends are all getting on board too now!!
Nicole, Hawthorn East, VIC