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Weight Loss

My name is Larry Cassidy and I am a professional jockey. I moved to Brisbane two years ago from Sydney where I won three Sydney Jockeys Premierships. Last season I won the Brisbane Jockeys Premiership and am currently running third this season. I have also ridden successfully overseas in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Macau, Malaysia and Korea.
I have been using the Lemon Detox program for the last three years, on and off. A jockeys weight is very important in their career and I have struggled with mine since moving to Queensland.
For the last three months I have been using the Lemon Detox program through the week and my weight is the best its ever been. I am getting to the races with loads of energy and in a better frame of mind, where before I was dehydrated, drained and lethargic you do not want to be like this when youre riding a 500kg animal!!!!!
With my weight being more under control I believe that I am riding better than I ever have.
Larry V Cassidy, NSW/QLD
Hi my name is Les Cameron. I have just finished 20 days on Madal Bal Lemon Detox program and dropped 18 kg. I have done detox in the past and found it very hard. I found the Lemon Detox program very easy and had no hunger pains at all. I did walk 2 hours per day and had 4-5L of water per day. I find that I now have lots more energy and Im ready to get out of bed 6.30 - 7 am every day fresh and clear headed. I do recommend the Lemon Detox program as I now feel like a new person and looking forward to using it again with my diet.
Les Cameron, Victoria, Australia
I found it hard to lose weight and detox through all exercise and other fad diets so I thought I would give the Lemon Detox Diet program a go. That decision has changed my life.
I decided to detox for 7 days and started out at 120kg, after an easy 7 days I dropped 9.3kg to weigh in at an amazing 110.7.
I look and feel 110% better by losing that weight and cleaning out my system with the detox.
The syrup is such a small price to pay for such fantastic results. The most expensive part for me taking the Lemon Detox Diet program is that I now have to change my wardrobe which I do not have a problem in the world doing.
Im so happy with the results that Im ready to do another 7 day detox already as my ultimate goal is to reach below 99kg.
Mark Gibbons, Sydney, Australia
Wow what an invigorating experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to rid all those toxins and wastes that have built up in the body. I have experienced more clearer clarity of mind and an amazing boost of energy. And what a bonus to lose 7kg in ten days.
Incredible.. Can't wait to do it again!!!
Tanya, Victoria
I detoxed for 7 -10 days , I lost 9.5kgs and I have never looked back since I feel and look a million dollars with my weight being 52kg at the present time. I have just fitted into a beautiful Mariana Hardwick gown which I purchased 10 years ago (size 8). My husband and everyone who saw me were for the first time in 23 years speechless.
I have more energy now than I did when I was 25 years old. I have taken up dancing, running and both my husband and I have met an entire new group of wonderful and exciting people thanks to the Lemon Detox Diet program and now I am feeling and looking great.
My gorgeous husband is so impressed with my excess energy and the restoration of my will to live life to its fullest we plan to purchase the lemon detox again so that he can go on to the program.
The hardest part was getting through the first day, once you had, by the third day you dont want to get off it. I have recommended it to all my family and friends and to anyone out there who needs to feel good and look a million dollars.
Suzanna Kralevski, Melbourne AUSTRALIA
I used the lemon detox program for a week and lost five kilos! I was totally amazed with the results. I felt great. I had more energy and there was definitely a spring in my step! My skin looked clearer as well. It wasn't hard to stick to the program in fact I developed quite an affinity for lemon and honey drinks that I indulge in quite frequently. As far as detox diets go I have been recommending this one to everybody I know especially after the indulgence of the silly season just passed.
Jodie Ross, Perth WA
I have done the lemon detox twice, and will definitely do it again. I thought it would be much harder, but after the first day or two I don't even miss food! I was expecting to feel lethargic, but after staying on the detox for 7 days I feel fantastic, and actually more alert. There is also the bonus weight loss. I lost 8kgs in 7 days. It is undoubtedly the best detox I have ever done and would recommend it to everyone!
Anissa Carrodus, Melbourne, Australia
A friend of mine told me about the Lemon Detox Diet. I purchased a tin and started straight away. I had a headache for the whole of the first day which was difficult but after that it was a breeze. I never thought I could actually go 5 days without eating anything but I did. It was a great kick start to a 'get healthy' program as I lost about 4 kg and felt great. I have since used it to replace meals now and then and intend on doing the full 5 days again to kick off the New Year. It's really the only weight loss program that has worked for me.
Susie, Caulfield, Victoria
I first heard about the lemon detox diet program after hearing the ad on the radio.
After checking out the detox website I decided to give it a go.
I had originally planned to just do the 5 day detox but after day 4 I was starting to feel good ( I got used to the taste of the drink on about the third day) and decided to go for a couple more days, In the end I detoxed for 10 days losing 7kgs.
I now plan to do a weekly detox every six months.
Nikki, NSW
Thanks to the lemon detox diet program I lost 6 kg in 1 week before Christmas. Before I started the Lemon detox I was wearing a size 14 and now am back to my size 10. I feel great, I have always struggled to stay on a diet but I have to admit that Lemon detox program is the best and quickest way to lose weight. It sounded hard when my friends told me about the diet, but once I started it was easy and I love the taste of the syrup, its great. Thanks once again, I wouldn't have done it without it, am planning to purchase more.
Prudence Adama, Victoria
Just like to tell you about the results I have had.
I have done the Lemon Detox Diet program twice now in a space of 4 months and found it very beneficial both times.
The second time I was more prepared and actually found it very easy once day 2 had passed and continued the diet for 10 days I have been through a recent marriage break up and got down in the dumps feeling sorry for myself & drinking alcohol most nights.
I undertook the diet hoping it would help me get my life back on track & it did. After the first few days of feeling pretty awful I then began to get this surge of energy.
My thinking was much clearer and I was a lot more positive. And another bonus it helped me lose weight. I had been exercising regularly but could lose the weight I wanted but after the diet I lost 4-5 kgs and was the slimmest I had been for 17 years!
It's just so good for your body to give it a rest from all day to day food & drink and to build new eating habits
Thanks & I will continue to recommend this great easy to use detox.
Wayne Maddren, Victoria