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Weight Staying Off

Hey there l would like to thank you guys for this lemon detox. l weighed in at 93.5 kgs before l did the lemon detox program and now l weigh a healthy 80kgs which means l lost 13.5 kgs in 14 days and l have stayed at this weight for now over two months.
With a healthy diet and exercise everyday the lemon detox program gave me the kick start and motivation to change my diet and my body within two weeks.
l will be doing it every year after winter and l could not be happier.
l now have over 15 other people doing the detox as l write to you and I think its fantastic.
My skin is glowing, l used to get a dry scalp and l now feel so much better.
So thank you very much
Daniel Martez, Melbourne Vic
We just love the Lemon detox diet program. My husband heard about the program on the radio and we looked up the website. After reading some of the testimonials we were curious, so we placed an order.
The first day was the hardest and by day three we felt like we could keep going forever. We could not believe how your body adjusts so quickly and after finishing the lemon detox program we did not crave sweet foods and take away just did not appeal anymore. We both lost 5kgs. We completed 5 days of the lemon detox diet the following month and lost another 2kgs. It really works and the weight actually stays off. This is no fad as it actually works.
I have recommended it to all my family and friends. If you want to lose weight and feel good the Lemon detox diet is just what you need. You will feel fantastic. WE LOVE IT.
Mr & Mrs D, Geelong, Victoria
This detox is the best thing I have tried to lose some stubborn weight. I find losing weight extremely hard even though I eat really well and exercise daily. Ever since I heard about the lemon detox diet, I decided to give it a go, and it worked. I have tried the detox 3 times already, and on average, I lost about 3 - 4 kg each time. One other thing the detox has done for me is that my skin became baby smooth, it was such a bonus. I will endeavour to use the detox once every couple of months as I think it is really good for my body. I'm also happy to report that the weight never came back on.
L Taylor, Victoria
The lemon detox program is fantastic and it really works. I have used this product before Christmas and literally lost one kilo per day (and it does not come back). The first two days were reasonably hard, but after that is a walk in the park. I used the product in the new-year as well and the second time around is not as difficult. The lemon detox diet helped me to get rid of the nasty coffee habit and I have been coffee free one month later... What amazed me about this product is that once I started eating normally, I started craving vegetables and fruit rather than the chocolate a day that I used to have. All I can say try it for yourself You will be amazed.
G V D Poll, Queensland, Australia
I was very wary of trying the Lemon Detox program but I am so glad I did. A friend referred me to it so I thought I would give it a go. For someone who absolutely loves food I was amazed how it controlled my hunger pains. I was also cautious as I thought it was all well and good to lose the weight in a quick period, but it would come back on once you return to normal eating. This did not occur.
I still need to lose more weight, however, the Lemon Detox Diet program gave me the kick start I was looking for. I was only able to do it for 5 days but lost 4 kilos and have not put that back on. I would highly recommend it.
Louise Higgins, Sydney, Australia
As I am of an average BMI I have always found it difficult to lose those last few kilos. I did the lemon detox diet program for 5 days and lost 3 kilos. It's perfect because the drink is filling so you do not go hungry and I still had enough energy to exercise. Once more, I did not put the weight back on as soon as I started eating again (which has happened with other detox's I have tried).
Samantha, NSW
Both my husband and I tried the lemon detox program just after winter. My husband lost 7 kilos on the program and has managed to keep it off 5 months later. It gave him the kick start that he needed to actually start managing his weight. He found he has so much more energy that he began exercising for the first time in 15 years.
I lost 5 kilos on the program. Although I didnt use it for weight loss as I am not overweight. What I found was that I had a lot more energy, I was getting up earlier in the mornings and getting so much more done. I also found that the appearance of my skin had noticebly improved. As well as cleansing my insides I found that it had a cleansing effect on me mentally as well.
The taste of the lemon detox drink wasnt at all bad, in fact it was quite nice. My husband and I have decided to do the diet once a year from now on.
Laura N, New South Wales
I have checked out (and tried) nearly every diet/weight loss program in existence and still struggled with extra kilos. I was a little apprehensive that I was yet again wasting money on some fad product. It only took a couple of days to arrive. I had two weeks leave starting the following weekend so set myself a goal to begin then. Day 1, I jumped out of bed and ran to the coffee machine (my morning routine) and thought, "NO, I start my detox today - no coffee!" I made up a day's supply and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. I had a glass full for breakfast, sipped during the day, a glass full for lunch, and the same for dinner - never hungry. Day 2, I woke up with a "hangover" and thinking I couldn't possibly do this for a week. I survived the day! Day 3, still tired, but feeling better. By Day 4, I felt great and confident I could do the program for the week. I had no cravings for any wicked food or for coffee. By the end of the week I made the decision to stick to the program for 10 days and went back to work 7 kilos lighter and feeling fabulous. I maintained healthy eating and probably put on 2 kilos. The weight has stayed off - that was four months ago.
I'm still not drinking coffee and have packed away the espresso machine. I did the program again just before Christmas with absolutely no adverse side effects and took off those 2 kilos. I'm guessing it was the caffeine withdrawal that knocked me around the first time.
I have to confess that I struggled with the salt water in the mornings and supplemented the diet with a lemon and ginger (caffeine free) tea or a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon in it.
I thoroughly recommend this product to anyone wishing to lose weight or give up any unhealthy addictions like coffee. I suggest to plan starting the first time on the program the day before a weekend or when you're on holidays. Give it a go. You have nothing to lose except weight and some bad habits.
Thanks again Madal Bal
Janine Telford, Queensland, Australia
Although the thought of not eating any solid food was quiet daunting, I thought I would give the Lemon Detox Diet program a go since I was curious to see if it would work. I didnt even crave food while on the detox. I wasnt hungry to my surprise, and in fact I still had all the energy and more to continue doing light exercise. I found myself feeling better than ever before. I have since done the Detox again and I would recommend it to all my friends and family. Not only did I lose weight both times, but I kept it off and it really helped kick start my eating and exercise routine. Snaps to the Lemon Detox Diet!
Rebecca Stokes, Perth, Western Australia
I started with the 5 day detox program.
I new I was going to get a headache from not having caffeine, so I decided to cut back on coffee a few days prior(which helped), although I still got a small headache. I didnt feel sick and I was really surprised how easy it was to stay on the program, (Ive been on all of them). I lost a kilo per day (total 5 kilos) and I have more energy and feel stronger. I have kept the weight off for 3 months now, so thankyou lemondetox.
Lynda, Central Coast, NSW
I had heard so much about the Lemon Detox program and the results people were getting that I checked out the web site to see what it was all about. Initially I was hesitant about trying the diet as I was not sure about not being able to eat for 5 7 days. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I tried the diet for 7 days. The colour of the mixture was not enticing, but the flavour was quite pleasant and I particularly liked the cayenne pepper addition, and I was not hungry at all!
At the end of the first week I had only lost two kilos and felt a little disappointed, but I continued to lose weight over the coming weeks and lost a total of six kilos in four weeks, which I have not put back on. It was as if the Lemon Detox had kick started my system. I now am more vigilant about what I put into my body and look and feel great. I will continue to use the diet from time to time to cleanse and detox my system, and maintain my current weight. Regards
Eva Burke, Donvale, Victoria
My Name is Fiona. I am a mum that works fulltime, and I needed to lose some weight. I had heard from a friend about the lemon detox diet. It gave me a fantastic head start to lose the few kilos I wanted. I also did regular exercise. The best part was that I felt motivated and had heaps of energy while on the diet. It is now 6 weeks later I have kept the weight off and still feel fantastic.
Thank you I feel great
Fiona Del Vecchio, Director of Education & Training, Queensland Hair Academy
Queensland, Australia
The lemon detox program is a fantastic way to cleanse the body and help kick start a better lifestyle. It was tough for the first couple of days but got so much easier after the 4th day. I lost 5 kgs in 7 days and it gave me the necessary kick to watch what I eat and live a more focused lifestyle. Three months on, I have kept off most of the weight and feel fantastic.
Theo, Sydney, Australia