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My Husband and I

My wife and I were determined to lose a about 5 kilos each, but didn’t have a plan. We had both reached a point where we felt uncomfortable with our current weight. Not fat yet, but definitely finding our clothes a bit too tight.

I had heard about the Lemon Detox Diet from a work mate. He and his wife had both lost several kilos and were happy with the process and results. He convinced me it would work so I convinced my wife we should do it. I was intent on losing the weight but I must tell you that the first 2 nights were rough.

During the day I drank the mixture from a 2 litre jug but that first night I got home and realized that there would be no dinner, no time preparing the dinner, no clean up afterwards either. What to do with all that extra time – watch TV.

Once we got through the first 4 days, I felt completely in control and excited as I saw the kilos melt away slowly but surely over the course of the 10 days we followed the diet. At the end of the diet, we had each lost 5.5 kilos. We’ve continued to use the diet for weight control over the course of the last year and always see and feel the positive results even in the briefer 5 day sets we’ve followed.

I have recommended the Lemon Detox Diet to family and friends who have been amazed with their own results. If you are committed to losing weight, the Lemon Detox Diet is the easiest way to do it. Remember, if you cheat, you won’t get the results you are looking for. Stick to it – it’s only 10 days.
Scott Ash, Sydney
My husband and I have used the Lemon Detox Diet program twice now getting fabulous results both times. To my disappointment, my husband lost more than me both times but I do know that it's because he is much heavier than me but it didn't stop him rubbing it in. We did not only see results in our weight loss but also in our skin which had a real glow to it. Our energy levels increased, I didn't have to drag my husband out of bed in the mornings and also our confidence, we feel great so our heads are held high. I would recommend the Lemon Detox Diet program to anyone wanting to lose some weight or to just feel better about themselves. These great results have stayed with us after we have finished our course. I will definitely be repeating the Lemon Detox Diet in the future.
Thank you for this amazing discovery.
Jo, Sydney
I tried the lemon detox diet because I was having sensitivity to all sorts of foods and was finding I was spending more time on the loo than I wanted to, and I could not eat the foods I liked.

So my husband and I did the lemon detox diet, I did the 10 day version and he did the 7 day version.

We both lost around 5-6 kilos and felt so much better in ourselves, we were craving fresh fruit and vegies and only wanted to eat well afterwards, no more soft drink and junk food.

I was able to eat food again without running to the loo all the time.

When people saw the results they asked what we had done to lose the weight and I told them about the lemon detox diet and they to tried the diet.

Telling other people about the lemon detox diet and how it had helped me motivated them to try the diet for themselves.

I was just happy to be able to eat food again, losing the weight was just a bonus.
Brooke Thatcher, NSW
I commenced the lemon detox diet program with feelings of doubt, thinking that it was just another one of those diets that don't work. I really wanted to lose about five kilos and thought I'd give it a try. Well, what can I say - this has been the best thing I've ever done! The best money ever spent! I have never felt this good! I was very fortunate as I didn't have ANY side effects - maybe because I don't drink any tea or coffee. I stayed on the program for 10 days, lost 5 kilos and didn't want to come off it. I had so much energy and never felt hungry! I wanted to exercise, I slept better and didn't require as much sleep as usual. My skin was glowing and I really felt good about myself. My husband didn\t think I would be able to stick to it, but for me it was the easiest diet that I've ever been on. After seeing what a positive outcome I've had, my husband is going to start the program. I would recommend the lemon detox diet program to everyone. For me it has been liquid gold!!!
Rosemary, Victoria, Australia
I heard about the lemon detox diet program on the radio and was curious to see what it was all about. After reading about the detox and everyones testimonials it really made me more curious, so I ordered it. ITS THE BEST!!!! I detoxed for 7 days, I lost 5kgs and had never felt so good. I had energy. My husband said to me whatever Im taking please do not get off it. I love food and the thought of not eating solids for 7-10 days freaked me but I was so determined to do it. The hardest part was getting through the first day, once you had, by the third day you dont want to get off it. I have recommended it to all my family and friends and to anyone out there who needs to feel good.
Leanne Pizzi, Perth WA
Just a quick note to let you know how happy my boyfriend and I were with the results of the Lemon Detox Diet program.
I was able to lose 4 kilo's and my boyfriend lost 7 kilo's from using this great product. At no time did we feel hungry during the 10 day program and were amazed by the results. We felt great.
We would happily recommend this detox program to anyone who wants to kick start a weigh loss program or to do a thorough detox. Many Thanks
Margaret, New South Wales
My husband and I usually detox 2 -3 times a year and when a friend told us that she was going onto the lemon detox program we all thought she was crazy - let's face it - no food for 10 - 14 days!! It all sounded too good to be true, so I decided to check it all out on the net. I was impressed with what I read and decided to give it a go - I ordered 2 weeks supply for the both of us and eagerly awaited for the shipment.
A week later it all arrived and we began our detox. I felt a bit off colour the first day and had a headache but from the second day on I was great. Honestly, I did miss the food but I think it was just the thought of the food and the actual action, I found I even dreamt about food for a couple of days. Saying that, I had no trouble at all cooking up meals for our daughters - in fact I enjoyed it.
I didn't weigh myself before I started but by the third day I was seeing a difference. Not was I only seeing a difference but I felt different. I felt great and for the first time in years I began sleeping right through the night!
Now the 2 weeks are over we both feel fantastic and we don't want to go back to what we were. I started this to help get me back into a better lifestyle and I now have to admit that after seeing and feeling the results I don't want to return to how I was.
The Lemon Detox program has put me in the right frame of mind and I would recommend it to anyone - the first week is the hardest but after that it's a breeze.
Kim Mansfield, Adelaide S.A.
I have done the Lemon Detox Diet program 3 times now and absolutely love it. The program makes you feel great, and I also lost 4 kilos which was a bonus. It takes a few days to get used to it, but I totally recommend to keep going. My husband is going to go on the program next as well. Good luck!!
Sherrie, Western Australia
I did the Lemon Detox Diet program six months ago. A few weeks prior I decided to get into shape but I was feeling sluggish and unmotivated. I've always been pretty fit so my lack of motivation was frustrating me. I'd only ever heard the Lemon Detox ads on the radio and took very little notice of them until my fiancee ordered it and told me that I would have to fend for myself while she was doing it. So, I thought I'd give it a go. We both started on a Sunday. It was a bit strange to start with not eating but I was determined not to let my fiancee beat me. On the second day I decided I would try and get up and go for a light walk around the park. I think I was awake about half an hour earlier than I planned to go and felt full of energy so I just got up and went. As the days went on both my fiancee and I were bouncing from the ceiling with energy. We didn't really feel hungry at all and we both felt great. We did it for seven days and continued to reek the rewards. I never thought I was overweight but when I look at photo's pre-detox and post-detox diet I can see great improvements (basically me head is not so fat now). I started running daily of a morning and training a few times a week at the gym. It was a good kick start for us and after a Christmas period of lots of food and grog we're ready to jump back on it again, its great.
Mark, Sydney